Attention Young Living™ Distributors
& Business Builders

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YLDist Helps You Turn Curious People into Buyers, and Customers into Business Builders When you Activate your Ready-to-Use Young Living™ Marketing Website that includes Advanced, Must-Have Tools

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YLDist Helps You
Turn Curious People into Buyers,
and Customers into Business Builders
When you Activate your Ready-to-Use
Young Living™ Marketing Website
that includes Advanced, Must-Have Tools

All the tools you need to succeed
and build your business in one place! Young Living Marketing Website Service has been featured in:

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Your Own Lead Capture & Email Marketing!

Your system has multiple pre-written email series built right in so you will be able to stay in touch with your customers and prospects with engaging content.

Your Own Personalized Customer Newsletter!

Your newsletter is sent out twice monthly to unlimited contacts and is 100% written for you, with full editing capabilities! Now you can ensure you are in front of all your customers with news and updates that will keep them interested and re-ordering products.

Your Own Robust Events Calendar!

With RSVP and other cool features so you can advertise oil classes, events & more. This gives you another great way to be active and engaging with prospects who visit your website.

Your Own Unlimited Personal Blog!

This is one of your best communication tools to market, motivate and inspire. This allows you to share the exact content that you want and helps get you ranked even higher on Google searches. This is an invaluable, yet option tool.

Business Building-Training Library

A fantastic Online Academy designed to help you learn how to build a tremendously successful business. You’ll find all of it to be super simple and well laid out with your online video classes that will give you the secrets the big marketers are using, so you can use them too.

A Generous Referral Program

An affiliate program designed for you. Bring your team, tell your friends and get cash back. This is a great way to put extra cash in your pocket and allow us to show you how thankful we are for your referrals.

Full Social Media Integration

For super fast promotion of your business. Both you and your visitors will be able to immediately share any one of your pages to social media, with the simple click of a button! Want to share “Seed to Seal”? Just click the button, it's that simple!

Visible on All Screen Types

Our Young Living websites use a technology we call ‘Fluid Design’ which ensures compatibility with every device on the market today. Having a mobile website is very important, particularly for your Young Living independent distributor business because a huge percentage of users who will visit your website will do it from a mobile device.

Plus (and this is huge)

Your marketing site has a built-in drop-down menu that
allows your visitors to view your site, with full compliance,
in any of these 6 different regions.

And it will always be kept up-to-date with Young Living, and regional laws.

Make Your Website Match Your Own Unique Style In Just a Few Clicks!

Click HERE to see some screenshots of how others have CUSTOMIZED their sites

  You have the option to change your site colors at the push of a button so your site won’t look cookie-cutter and can beautifully reflect your own personality.

  You might choose to use your logo and a different background. Additionally, you get to choose what to show your visitors, from a list of content choices!

Click to View a Sample Site

A Website That Actually Works!

Most marketing sites do such a poor job converting people into customers & distributors that business builders get unbelievably frustrated. They then move around to different site providers and some even just give up and attempt to build a custom website!

Then when they are not getting the expected results, many just throw up their hands declaring “websites don’t work” and conclude that one doesn't need a website in network marketing!

But the truth is, a correctly designed website is worth its weight in gold when it comes to a tool in your business and provides you with a solid foundation from which you can grow.

Your marketing site was designed by a user experience and conversion specialist and tested over and over and over to ensure you get the highest conversions in the industry Your marketing site was designed by a user experience and conversion specialist and tested over and over and over to ensure you get the highest conversions in the industry

Your marketing site was designed by a user experience and conversion specialist and tested over and over and over to ensure you get the highest conversions in the industry

  Bring new customers on board with clear direction for what they should do next to get started, without them feeling overwhelmed or confused. Once they are ready, you’ll be able to give them the tools they need to get their business up and running faster than you ever thought possible.

  Have a place where your team can get their own marketing site & tools (like yours), which means this is 100% duplicatable! In network marketing, if what you do is not duplicatable, your business stops growing!

  Turn a curious thinker into a buyer over time! Your interested visitors can sign up to receive an “Essential Oils 101 eClass” (email class) designed for you to be able to stay in front of those curious people with first-class information – sent to them as if you are sending it to them! Now you can be proud, using your own professionally developed, built-in lead capture system and using your fully pre-written professional email series to do the selling for you. All of this is optional and editable!

  Ensure your new customers use the products, order more and stay active! You'll be able to get your new customers excited about and using their Premium Starter Kit, when you take advantage of the “PSK” email sequences that are pre-written for you to send to folks when they sign up with a psk. Putting your new PSK customers on either of the PSK sequences is very valuable to you because when they start using the products and getting good results they are 10 times more likely to continue using the products as well as share with others.

  Chat instantly with your website visitors. If you have a Facebook Business Page for your Young Living business, we are now able to customize a button for your website visitors to chat instantly with you from your website, via FB instant messenger! (You request help with this). Imagine being able to answer a prospects question or help them get signed up – immediately! You’ll be able to communicate to them via your own FB instant messenger when they send you a message from your site.

Here Are Just a Few of the Essential Benefits You'll Receive

Stellar Customer Service

Our updating, and customer service is the best in the industry – bar none! Finally, customer service that you’ll love. We respond to your needs fast and your site will never grow stagnant because we listen to your needs and allow small special customizations, when we can!

Prospect Conversion = Sales

Your site has been crafted by a conversion specialist and tested over and over to ensure you get the highest conversions in the industry. This allows you to turn your curious prospects into buyers. Make no mistake; the real value of a website is how well it converts. You're in expert hands with a YLDist marketing site!

Distributor ID Built Right In

All links and buttons within your marketing website that go out to YL are preloaded with your unique distributor ID so that you get all the credit, 100% of the time. You have an “order now” button that ensures your prospect end up on your sign-up page with your number pre-filled.

A Robust Customization Feature

You will love having the option to change your site colors at the push of a button so your site won’t look cookie-cutter and can beautifully reflect your own personality. You might choose to use your logo and backgrounds. Additionally, you get to choose what to show your visitors, from a list of content choices!

Our Commitment to You

Many websites in this industry have come and gone, but we’ve been around for years, are fully solvent, and we’re here to service you for the long haul.

Ultra-Low Price

While others charge extra for added features, adds all these features, including the unlimited lead capture & email marketing service, with your website so you get everything included in one ultra-low price.

Duplication is King

The replicating-site feature ensures seamless duplication at the push of a button for your team to have the same marketing system that you use. In network marketing you need to be 100% duplicatable and if you use a system that they can’t use or afford, they will feel you have some unfair advantage. That is why custom website options will kill your business growth!

Stay in Control of Visitors

Your marketing site will keep your visitors within your site until they make a buying decision, so you never lose them somewhere in the huge expanse of YL’s corporate site, where they can become overwhelmed and lost. This is very important, so you don’t lose a sale.

Downline "Leg Builder"

Your marketing site gives you the OPTION of an advanced control to build under someone else in your team! This is valuable for a leader who is working on building certain legs within their group. Basically, this option allows you to give the sponsorship away but maintain the control of being the enroller. Young Living Marketing Website Service has been featured in:

Look at What Other Marketing Website Owners Are Saying

— Jackie P.

I tried several websites before finding YLdist. Oh how I wish I'd found them first. The website is designed with the end user in mind. It's easy to navigate and provides everything a visitor looking to learn about oils and why I use Young Living specifically could want. There is a good mix of print, video, and graphics. Nothing was left to chance. As for bells and whistles, well, it's loaded and just gets better all the time. If you are worried about using a cookie cutter website, don't! You can customize to your heart's content. If you are not good at customizing, just ask for help. The stellar customer service is more than willing to help with whatever you need, AND they are fast too. As for price, you won't find a better deal anywhere. Believe me, I looked. I love the company and the website so much, I' ve already signed up for another year and my year doesn't renew until July!

— Lauren N.

I am so happy with this site! I signed up during a promotion & purchased an entire year at once, so my monthly cost is less than $8/month which is crazy. The site itself is easy to use, and very customizable which I really appreciate. This allows me to write blog posts, announce upcoming events, and have a landing page to send to prospects that tells them what YL is about and how I can help. I looked at other websites geared towards YL distributors, and they all felt pushy and salesy to me--which I very much want to stay away from. YLDist lets me contact my subscribers how I want to contact them. Since I joined only 2 months ago, they have added a ton of great features, including being able to import from MailChimp which is huge! I have only had one minor issue and the customer service is very quick to respond and help. I am completely happy that I signed up for a YLDist website, and recommend it to anyone considering a site!

— Caryn C.

There are so many wonderful benefits has offered me. I think the very best thing is customer service because this is so rare in today's marketplace, so this leads for me. They make themselves so available and so open to changes, upgrades, or how to improve to offer us the best possible experience. Secondly, FDA compliance. A must-have for this business place. Everything else is below the line of bringing to the world the benefits of Young Living Essential Oils and following company protocol. Finally, customizing. There are so many options offered to craft the website to our personal preferences. The tutorials provided are an invaluable service to me the confidence that I can do this. I can learn how to craft my site to fit my personal needs.

— Patricia T.

Before switching over to, I spent a few months with another website and my frustration level was thru the roof. It was very hard to navigate and even though there were promises of many instruction videos only one was delivered. When I needed to contact support, it took several weeks to just acknowledge they received my emails.

I was so happy to find The support has been phenomenal! The site is easy to navigate and there are choices that you can choose to make it more custom for you. I really appreciate the video instructions that has done for us and it is easily accessible from your dashboard. I have had a good response from my guests that have visited my site.

   Unrestricted Access to Our Very Active Facebook Users Group
This Facebook group has nearly 8,000 members and you’ll love all the community support and fantastic people you’ll meet. When we make updates or add features, we announce these to our user’s group first!

   An Entire Library of Business Building-Training Videos
This resource is incredible for those of you who need help or direction in building a business as well as it is a wonderful resource for your new business builders, who might need help.

Here you’ll discover a huge video library designed to help you be successful. You’ll benefit so much, from learning how to create a successful business plan all the way to understanding how to use social media platforms and more. All this training was created by the former Director of Marketing for Young Living™, South & Central America and is exclusive to! People have said that this has been invaluable to them in helping to build their business and team.

   A Complete Educational Email Series for the Starter Kits!
You choose to whom you want to have these pre-written & professional email series sent and they are then delivered right into your new customer’s inbox.

These valuable email series walk your new customers through learning about and using every product in the selected starter kit.

This is invaluable, because you need this to ensure your new people get a solid grounding on how to use the products in their PSKs, which in turn ensures customer retention and much more consistent & larger re-orders.

   Free Access to our Affiliate Referral Program
You’ll be able to earn cash back every time you refer anyone who signs up for a YLDist marketing website. Bring your team, tell your friends and get cash back.

Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

We’re so confident in our Young Living independent distributor websites that we back our product with a 14-day money back guarantee. Check out what you’ve been missing in your Young Living business! Our pre-made compliant websites are sure to blow you away with their ease of use and effectiveness in converting your visitors and prospects!

Please Realize That...

Without using the right marketing website system your website visitors and prospects are floundering.

If your marketing website is not properly designed, it is too difficult for them to stay focused, and they will just hit the back button, disappear and be gone forever.

That’s why it’s imperative that you have the right system in place.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Do You Update?

As soon as we know of an update from Young Living Essential Oils, we work hard to bring that update to you. Our updates cover product information, pricing and any other website information. These updates are done daily. All minor updates are done every few days.

How Long Does it Take?

Our application process takes about five minutes. Once applied, you’re instantly approved to start customizing your website! There’s no waiting to be activated, no waiting for approvals. It’s all done in the blink of an eye!

Do I Need to Know How to Build Websites?

No! Our websites are designed to bring you everything you will need present to your customers interested in Young Living Essential Oil products. Once they are ready to sign up, they will be sent to the Young Living website with all your membership information pre-filled!

How Fast Is Your Support Team?

We strive to bring you excellent support. Most support tickets are responded to within 1-4 hours, but some tickets may take longer depending on the complexity of your issue.

Splendiferous Feature List

Here are just some of the features you have available with your YLDist website!
Built-in Email Marketing System. No limits on usage! Unlimited Emails & Contacts.
Pre-written Email Marketing Content, Stay in Front of Your Prospects & Team. (Fully Editable).
Ability to Write Your Own Email Campaigns.
Schedule Your Own Bulk Emails (Including Info-Graphic Photo Emails), In Advance.
Write Single Email Messages and Send to One or More of Your Contacts.
Lead Capture That is Built Right into Your Site, Offering Something of Value - (No annoying pop-ups).
Special Lead Capture Page for Essential Oils 101 eClass & Newsletter Sign-Ups.
All Pre-Written Content is Editable and Personalized From You to Your Customer.
High-Quality, Pre-Written Newsletters, Emailed Twice Monthly to Your Selected Customers & Builders.
"Premium Starter Kit Buyers" Pre-Written Email Series. Send to All Your Kit Buyers to Keep Them Using Products & Reordering.
Business-Building Training Video Library (Social Media Marketing, General Business Building, Products & Uses) For All Site Owners.
Events Calendar with RSVP and Other Cool Features, Built Right into Your Site (Payment Options Coming Very Soon).
Access to High-Quality Info-Graphics (Created Weekly) Catogorized & Compliant for 6 Regions (US, CA, AU, NZ, UK, EU).
Personal WordPress Blog, Built Right into Your Site (Along with Training on How to Blog & Lesser Known Best Practices).
Schedule Blog Posts for Publishing on Pre-Determined Dates in the Future.
Ability to Have Hidden & Password Protected Blog Posts.
Blog Subscription Built-In to Your Website, So Your Team & Customers Get Your Published Articles Right Away.
Add Young Living's Blog to Your Website (You'll Need to Request This Customization From Us).
Social Media Integration, Allowing You to Share Any of Your Social Channels Right on Your Marketing Site.
Market to 6 Regions with One Website! Your visitor's Can View Your Site in Their Own Region, Compliant to Their Country.
Personalized Slide-In Feature to Use for Special Purposes.
Chat with your customers instantly, directly through your website, with the built-in Facebook messenger tool.
Leg-Builder Feature, Allowing Leaders to Point New Sales to Specified Team-Legs Under Them.
Partner Mode, Allowing You to Share a Site with a Business Partner.
Access to our Facebook Users Group with 7,000+ Members - Learn Website Tips & Tricks & About Your tools.
Website How-To Videos to Learn About and How to Use All of Your Features.
Duplicate Yourself. This is 100% duplicatable for Your Team & the Business-Training Will Help Them Learn Even More.
Generous Affiliate Program. Refer others to Get a Marketing Site from and Earn Cash Back.
Marketing Site Designed to CONVERT Your Visitors to Members, without Overwhelming Them with "Everything".
Free & Unlimited Customer Support - The Best & Fastest - Everybody is Considered VIP to Us!
Google Analytics Built-In to Your Site.
Always kept up-to-date with Young Living.
Compatible on all mobile devices.
Monthly Promotions, Shown Right on Your Home Page for Visitors to See Special Promotions.
Your Distributor Number Built-In. All Sign-Up Links Will Go Directly to Young Living and Will Have Your ID Number Pre-filled.
SEO built-In to Your Marketing Site. Get Easily Found on Google.
Sites are compliant in 6 regions: US, CA, AU, NZ, EU and UK.
Custom Links to Outside Sources, at Your Request. We Can Custom a Link for You.
All Customization Requests are Considered and Done if Possible.
Customize All Colors, Buttons, Backgrounds (or have none) and Fonts as well as Selections of Content Blocks.
Logo - Use Your Own Logo in the Header of Your Site.
Content options. You Choose From a List of Content for What You Want to Show on Your Site.
Domain Name Redirect. If You Have Your Own Personal Domain Name, You Can Point to Your Marketing Site.