So Grateful!

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We’re so grateful to have found Young Living Essential Oils.    They have become such an important & wonderful part of our family life.    Let me share with you why.

We’ve been on a long journey through the world of natural health & wellness for decades, having worked on Health Retreats, become educated & trained in natural therapies, herbs, Swedish & remedial massage, Hydrotherapy, some Naturopathy, & all the time living the natural healthy lifestyle in our home – using cultured foods, organic gardening, you name it – & we’ve reaped the benefits with our health for sure – but with all that, we would have to say without doubt, the most valuable thing we have opened the door to in our lives has been therapeutic-grade essential oils & chemical-free personal & nutritional products from Young Living Essential Oils.


A few years ago we had our first child, a beautiful baby girl who we love with all our heart.    Although she has enjoyed wonderful health since birth, it has been so relieving to have the tools to protect & effectively be there for her when the usual little things happen.

Being able to give her a beautiful bubble bath free of chemicals, to shampoo & condition her hair, clean her teeth, all without using any toxins or poisons that most babies & kids are exposed to daily has been incredibly empowering for us as parents.

Of course, we enjoy the same benefits as adults because our home is totally chemical-free.   We have one simple, natural & powerful cleaning product (Thieves Household Cleaner) in our kitchen cupboard that does everything – bathroom, floors, windows, furniture, cars, toys, even the house exterior & is better than anything we’ve ever used before.   We have a spritz bottle of water with a little Thieves in it which sits on the sink in the kitchen & the bathroom.   Clean, fresh & refreshing, no chemicals.   Yay!


We are so passionate & enthusiastic about what we have found.    So grateful.    We always hug the couple who introduced us to the oils when we see them.   So like them, I guess you can tell we’re keen to share this knowledge with anyone who will listen.

So far there are 700 families using & enjoying these amazing oils & products now just because of us – simply because we were happy to share our discovery with a few friends who got excited like us & did the same.   That’s now growing at around 70 per month, just in our group – that’s fantastic!   That’s changing the world a little bit!

Globally this message is going out with a growth rate at over 200% year on year – around 1.5 million families around the world are enjoying these products every day at wholesale price!   Who knows how many they are then sharing them with.

When you have something good to share, that kind of growth will change the world, at least part of it anyway.   If you want more info, checkout &

Thanks for reading – this is our first attempt at doing a blog!    Hopefully more to follow.    Lots of good info to share.    Click on these for starters…

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