Our Escape to Venice!

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Young Living is all about having the freedom to see the world & expand your horizons, so they have a lot of overseas trips, cruises & incentives to get you going.  Recently we had the privilege of travelling to Venice with about 500 of our Young Living global family.   I’d always wanted to take Kerryn there so this was the fulfillment of a dream.     We flew out of Sydney & stayed in Dubai on the way.  Although I was keen to go for ski in the Mall of the Emirates again or spend a few hours at the Wild Wadi, we stayed in the airport this time due to Kerryn’s memories of our last couple of visits.   I’d found Dubai very friendly but it’s sometimes a different experience for women – so we pigged out on Arancini Balls at a great little cafe in the airport instead.   Good decision!  They were amazing.

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We had five days to kill in Venice before boarding a 7 night cruise around the Mediterranean to places like Dubrovnik (Croatia), Santorini (Greece), Kusadasi (Turkey) etc, so our arrival in Venice was pretty exciting, knowing we had heaps of time to explore.   There was the typical Italian airport chaos – very similar to Rome – but we managed to hop on a bus & get to the ferry terminal pretty quickly.   From there, the next five days & nights we amazing – what a place!    Things are always different to the image you have in your mind as a kid, but it was actually better.   Beautiful canals, a constant stream of all kinds of boats everywhere & happy, holidaying people from all over the world!

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We rented a great little 2-bedroom apartment right near the Rialto Bridge, central to everything, almost right on the Grand Canal.   We’d paid for it before leaving Australia, so we were so happy that the guy was actually there at the ferry to meet us.  Actually, he wasn’t, so we had a few nervous minutes – but he turned up with a big Italian smile on his face, so all good – phew!

The next 5 days were just full of fun exploring, trying new foods, & relaxation.   We found a tiny little supermarket tucked away in an alley where we could buy a certified organic version of just about everything we needed to survive – heaps more than what is available in Oz.   In the other direction was a big outdoor fish & vegie market open every morning.

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We had a daily ritual each morning of getting our little girl excited about “chasing the bells”.   Somewhere in Venice there was a tall steeple with big bells that rang at the same time every morning.  As soon as they started ringing we’d all look at each other with open mouths & wide eyes, jump up & run downstairs & chase off looking for where these bells were.    We finally found them on about the fourth day in a little square a few hundred meters away.

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One of our Young Living team members came to join us a night or two before the Cruise, so it was great to have someone to share my night exploring with after the girls had gone to bed.    You can walk forever in Venice & always find something totally new.   Shops, boats, canals, a miriad of all kinds of people & any food you can think of – so the yummy smells are amazing.    People in Oz had warned us that the canal was smelly, but not so.   I think it was many years ago, but they have cleaned the whole city up to pristine level now – no rubbish anywhere – it’s collected from outside your door by a team of guys in canal barges every morning by 8:30am.

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We had our little girl’s 3rd birthday on the steps of the Grand Canal at 6:30am one morning.  I’d spent two days searching all over Venice for someone who would make a birthday cake without sugar – wish I’d photgraphed all the funny looks I got.   No luck, so I made one.   I made a Berry Summer Pudding – a recipe I’d remembered from working on Health Retreats years ago.   I found some organic spelt bread, cut the crusts off, soaked them in a warm mix of mashed up organic purple berries & pressed them into a bowl, pouring the berry juice all over & into each slice as I went.   I let that set overnight in the fridge, flipped it over onto a plate & poured thick organic yogurt over it, like a snowy mountain.   (Usually that would be a blended cashew cream, but what can you do to cashews with a whisk?)    Kerryn then decorated it with thin slices of strawberries, whacked on some birthday candles & Oila!    Our girl loved it – we loved it!   It’s my favorite pudding of all time.

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This is getting a bit long, so I’ll blog about the Cruise next one.   Can’t wait to tell you about the exciting speed-boat trip from our apartment to the Cruise ship.   That was a highlight!   Thanks for reading.    Summary – yes, go to Venice!



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