14 Ways to Better Health With Essential Oils – #1 Your Why

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Q.  Why would anyone want to use Essential Oils in their overall daily lifestyle?

A.  Well, because when we use the RIGHT ones they work. History tells us of their use for better mental and physical health. They are also rich in traditions for beauty and air purification.  It makes sense to add them into your home and into your daily activities.

Q.  OK, what is the RIGHT ones?

A.  Good question.  Before I found the right one I was dabbling with essential oils that I found online. Mostly I was buying the cheapest ones I could find.  Then a good friend of mine invited me to a Facebook Young Living online event. It was a major eye opener.  Did you know that even when a label says the oil is 100% natural ingredients, that it may not be truthful?   What?!  That’s right.

Unfortunately, there are no industry standards that test for the actual quality and purity of essential oils. The only standard is, that there has to be 10% of the actual oil in a bottle to be labeled 100% pure. That is very misleading. However, that would also explain why a bottle of one of the most expensive essential oils on the planet, Frankincense, was only $15.00. It said 100% natural… but there was only 20% Frankincense in the bottle.

 Q.  Egads! What else is in these fakes, you ask?

A.   To fill up that other 90% in an untested bottle, you’re going to get a lot of junk.

  • Carrier Oil – like almond oil, vegetable oil etc
  • Synthetic Oil – a chemical compound made to mimic the natural oil
  • Residues of Plant – you might be getting other impurities of the plant, in addition to your oil. Example: Rose oil may come with a little leaf or stem oil as well
  • Pesticides – many companies farm out their plants to mono-crop farmers who spray – a lot!
  • Toxins – depending on where it was grown, quality of air and chemicals used to distill the oil.

Q.  Okay.  What do I look for to make sure I’m getting quality Essential Oils?

A.  Here’s where Young Living steps out ahead of the pack.  Look at the Young Living Essential Oils Seed to Seal Promise. This ensures us that we are getting the purest and most effective oils on the planet.

seed to sealWatch this:


So now we know which Essential Oils to use.  Let’s start delving into which ones are good to start with.
This blog will continue over the next few weeks as we take a look at 14 Essential Oils and how to use them.

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