7 Tasty Ways To Enhance Your Cooking

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How old are the spices in your kitchen?  Are they still full of the freshest flavors you want to add to food? If you’re like almost everyone else, your spices have lost almost all of their flavor enhancing benefits.   Young Living has introduced a way for us to replace some of those old worn out spice tins. Imagine whenever you reach for basil you can have all the freshen and flavor, as if you just went into the garden a snipped a few pieces.

Dietary Essential Oils

Perfect for adding flavor to your favorite foods or using as dietary supplements, the Vitality™ line of dietary essential oils gives you the freedom to share and explore some of our best-loved essential oils in a variety of nutritious and delicious ways. We invite you to discover Vitality—for food, for family, for life!
vitality all
Here’s all the new Vitality Dietary Essential Oils. You’ll recognize many of them, Basil, Peppermint, Clove, Lemon or Lavender. Let’s take a closer look at some of the Vitality™ Essential Oils and how they can be used in your cooking.
Basil Vitality oil (Ocimum basilicum) has a sweet, warm scent and flavor. This herb is found in a variety of dishes and is popular in both Asian and European cooking. With Basil Vitality™ essential oil, it’s easy to add this well-loved seasoning to whatever you like. Using an essential oil, you’ll get a brighter flavor than dried herbs without the hassle of fresh herbs.Young Living’s Basil Vitality essential oil pairs well with savory foods, but you can also add its sweet, slightly peppery flavor to any meal. Try Basil Vitality oil with sauces, breads, soups, chicken, or seafood. Or try a sweet concoction like basil-strawberry lemonade. If you want a lighter basil flavor in your dish, dip a toothpick in the oil and swirl it in your preparations.


Vitality basil real basil    Basil Vitality Essential Oil Uses:

  • Flavor your favorite pasta sauce recipes with Basil Vitality. Add Rosemary Vitality or Oregano Vitality for even more flavor.
  • Add to deli salads, Asian- or Italian-inspired soups, and custom salad dressings or vinaigrettes to share with family and friends.
  • Boil pasta noodles in basil-infused water for a subtle flavor.
  • Pair with lime juice and melons, such as watermelon and cantaloupe, for a fresh summer treat. For a more complex flavor profile, garnish with feta.
  • Mix with a mild tea, such as chamomile. Add a dash of honey to sweeten the experience.
Retail: $14.14  Wholesale: $10.75 USD
Rosemary Vitality (Rosmarinus officinalis) is a flavorful herb that’s celebrated for its role in the culinary world, especially in Italian dishes. Rosemary Vitality™ essential oil lends a uniquely herbaceous taste to every dish it’s featured in, making it perfect for many savory recipes.As a dietary supplement, Young Living Rosemary Vitality essential oil is loved for its naturally occurring constituents eucalyptol and alpha-pinene, which can help maintain overall wellness*. Rosemary also happens to be an important ingredient in many Young Living products, including Thieves®, En-R-Gee™, and JuvaFlex™ essential oil blends, and Essentialzymes-4™ and Inner Defense® supplements.vital rosemary

   Rosemary Vitality Essential Oils Uses:

  • Keep your healthy lifestyle going by adding 2 drops in a capsule and taking as a dietary supplement.*
  • Stir in a few drops of Rosemary Vitality oil to your tomato sauce to add an authentic, fresh flavor.
  • Replace dried rosemary with just a drop of Rosemary Vitality in your favorite recipes, such as breads and pasta dishes.
  • Add a drop of Rosemary Vitality to give marinades and salad dressings an extra dose of flavor.
  • Combine olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and Rosemary Vitality for a bread dip that rivals that of any restaurant.
    Retail: $9.87 Wholesale:  $7.50 USD

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Thyme (Thymus vulgaris) Vitality™ essential oil is the concentrated distillation of Thyme, a classic and beloved kitchen herb. Thyme Vitality oil can be used in place of the dried spice in your favorite dishes and is always easy to keep on hand.Thyme Vitality essential oil includes the naturally occurring constituents thymol, para-cymene, and gamma-terpinenecan, which makes it perfect for including as a dietary supplement in your everyday lifestyle. The benefits of Thyme Vitality oil make it an essential ingredient in Longevity™ essential oil blend, Inner Defense®, ParaFree™, and Rehemogen™.

vital thyme  Thyme Vitality Essential Oils Uses:

  • Take 1–2 drops in a vegetarian gel capsule to enjoy the benefits of Thyme Vitality’s naturally occurring constituents.
  • Include in your next pasta or poultry dish for a delicious new layer of flavor.
  • Use a few drops in your marinade to infuse meats and vegetables with herby richness.
  • Make your dips extra appetizing by adding a drop of Thyme Vitality.
Retail: $18.75  Wholesale:  $14.25 USD
One idea is infusing your pastas.. One or two drops of Young Living Essential Oils is all it takes.
Vita;oty infuse pasta
Lemon (Citrus limon) Vitality can add a bright, dynamic flavor to many dishes. Its versatility in sweet and savory recipes is what makes this fruit a popular item in kitchens around the world. Use Young Living’s Lemon Vitality™ essential oil to add flavor to savory foods like fish and chicken or sweet foods like pastries and cakes.Lemon Vitality oil has a bright taste you’ll want to keep on hand for almost anything you whip up. Instead of zesting or juicing, use Lemon Vitality for a convenient way to use this great flavor. Start small with a single drop of oil.    Retail: $8.22  Wholesale: $6.25 USD

Lemon Vitality Essential Oil Uses:

  • Add to a tall glass of cold water for a fresh drink to start your day.
  • Add 1–2 drops to a vegetarian gel capsule and take daily or as needed.
  • Blend a drop of Lemon Vitality in Gary’s True Grit™ Einkorn Pancake & Waffle Mix batter and top your waffles or pancakes with fresh fruit for a healthy, tasty breakfast.
  • Create custom vinaigrettes or marinades to add a bright taste to summer salads and grilling.
  • Add it to tea, baked goods, homemade preserves, and other treats.
  • Add 1 drop in plain or vanilla yogurt. Top with fresh berries.
  • Combine with savory foods such as chicken, fish, shrimp, and vegetables and with sides such as noodles, rice, or pasta salad.

Breakfast –
A simple idea to add a bit of zip to Yogurt.  One or two drops of Lemon Vitality™ and you’ll have a new refreshing new flavor.
vitality yogurt lemon

Drinks Flavored with Essential Oils

 Many people enjoy adding different Young Living Essential Oils to their drinks. Consider adding  a few drops to water or teas, or a favorite smoothie or perhaps adding some extra zing to a Margarita or Sangria.
vitality drink pic
  • Lemonade is always a refreshing drink. Give it a new twist with Lavender essential oil. Pour one quart of prepared lemonade into a pitcher. Add one drop of lavender essential oil and stir. Add the remainder of the prepared lemonade and taste. Add one more drop of oil if the lavender flavor is weak. Stir well. Pour over ice and enjoy.
    Spearmint calms the stomach.
    Spearmint calms the stomach.
  • Hot chocolate flavored with mint increases the relaxing quality of this warming drink. Prepare hot chocolate in saucepan. Add one drop of spearmint essential oil. Stir well. Taste the hot chocolate. If the spearmint flavor seems weak add one more drop of oil. Stir well. Pour into mugs and enjoy.
    Earl Grey Tea with lemon
    Earl Grey Tea with Lemon 
  • Earl Grey tea gets its flavor and aroma from the citrus Bergamot. Boil 5 cups of water. Rinse teapot with hot water. Measure 5 tsp. of loose black tea into pot. Dip a toothpick into the Bergamot essential oil and drop it into the tea pot. Fill the pot with the boiled water and let the tea steep for 4 minutes. Remove the toothpick. Add at least 3 slices of lemon to the pot. Let tea set 1 minute more. Do not put the lemons in the pot until after the tea has steeped for at least 4 minutes as the lemon will inhibit the brewing of the tea. Pour into tea mugs and enjoy.Vital Bergamot     Cold pressed from the fresh bergamot fruit that gives Earl Grey tea its distinctive flavor, Bergamot Vitality™ essential oil has a fresh, complex citrus taste that makes it the perfect addition to many summer dishes. With a distinctly tart finish, it can also liven up sugarless baked goods. The taste of the Bergamot Vitality is somewhere between a sour orange and lemon, making it a distinctive, zesty addition to seafood recipes.

    Bergamot Vitality Essential Oil Uses:

    • Add 1–2 drops of Bergamot Vitality to a vegetarian gel capsule and take as a dietary supplement as needed.
    • Several times during grilling, brush seafood with olive oil infused with a few drops of Bergamot Vitality.
    • In baked goods recipes that call for citrus zest, add an unexpected twist by stirring in a drop of Bergamot Vitality for every teaspoon of zest.
    • Add 1–2 drops of Bergamot Vitality oil to Blue Agave natural sweetener and drizzle the mixture over muffins and tarts.
      Retail:  $17.11   Wholesale:  $13.00 USD 
      Are you starting to see the endless possibilities?  And are you seeing how much better it will be when you’ve updated to what so many others are using.  You’ll get rid or  those old dried up spices for real, authentic, concentrated Young Living Essential Oils.   Tp order these and many others please go here:  http://yldist.com/a2z4health/

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