5 Essential Oils That ‘Bug Off’ Naturally

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Are you one of those people that attract mosquitos?  I am, or I was.  As a child it was even worse for me.  Medical professionals say it has something to do with my blood type. Whatever the reason I’m continujally on the search for products that can keep the little guys away.  There’s nothing worse than the way mpsquitos can ruin any … Read More

Natural Mosquito Repellent – And Other Pests Too

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  Keep in mind… repelling insects is about more than just maintaining comfort. It may help keep you healthy, too, as insects can carry serious diseases. It is not uncommon to hear of mosquitoes transmitting West Nile virus, encephalitis, and in some areas, malaria. Most insect repellents on the market today have dangerous chemicals as active ingredients. The most common … Read More