Overcoming Fear? Letting Go to Fulfill Your Dreams

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What is The EDGE? The EDGE is next generation life coaching and your personal ticket to GO DEEPER AND GET THE OOLALIFE FASTER. Monthly you will get behind the scenes insight and information directly from the OolaSeeker, OolaGuru and special guests. This includes a monthly video, bonus chapter, and specific task to up your game.         How … Read More

Essential Oils for Facial Beauty

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      Beauty might be only skin deep. But having a healthy smooth face has been an endeavor for me since my early 30’s.  First thing is to decide whatever you do to take care of your face – Do It Now, and Do It Everyday.      The younger you  are when you start the better.  The key is … Read More

Light The Fire, Latest Essential Oil From Young Living.

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Recently Young Living Essential Oils Company had a rousing 2015 International Grand Convention in Dallas, Texas.  Each year Gary Young makes it a point to introduce a new essential oil. This year’s blend has a get up and go name:  Light The Fire D. Gary Young specifically formulated this unique and proprietary combination to complement and support the Light the Fire  convention theme. … Read More

Wheat Alternative ~ And its been used for 1,000’s of years

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Are one of the growing number of people who have a hard time with wheat? Here’s some signs that you could be having a wheat allergy reaction. Wheat Allergy Symptoms Hives or skin rash Nausea, stomach cramps, indigestion, vomiting or diarrhea Stuffy or runny nose Sneezing Headaches Have you tried avoiding wheat, but some of the above happens to you … Read More

Natural Mosquito Repellent – And Other Pests Too

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  Keep in mind… repelling insects is about more than just maintaining comfort. It may help keep you healthy, too, as insects can carry serious diseases. It is not uncommon to hear of mosquitoes transmitting West Nile virus, encephalitis, and in some areas, malaria. Most insect repellents on the market today have dangerous chemicals as active ingredients. The most common … Read More

Did you know that Essential oils can erase misinformation in our cells?

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   Essential oils can erase misinformation in our cells. Essential oils have the ability to clean receptor sites on the surface of cells which allows for the proper communication between cells. Essential oils have the ability to erase incorrect DNA and then to correct it. Essential Oils can change your nervous system biochemistry. A Japanese study found that inhaling essential … Read More

How Can You Get to ‘Everyday Living’ with Essential Oils?

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Are you ready to maintain a healthier non-chemical lifestyle?  Are you ready to stand up to the onslaught of chemicals and toxins in our food, home, workplace, and water? Essential oils are natural, safe, and an effective way to improve your home’s health, to support healthier body functions, and address common lifestyle annoyances (bugs for one thing). Today’s hectic and stress-filled lifestyles … Read More

New & Improved Premium Starter Kit Just Released

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  Young Living Essential Oils Premium Starter Kit with Everyday Oils Collection & Home Diffuser $300.00 Value for $160! Young Living Essential Oils Premium Starter Kit comes with the Everyday Oils Collection and Home Diffuser and is valued at over $300.00 but starts you for $160! Start your membership today with this wonderful kit. Also comes in Spanish version. This … Read More

Essential Oils in the Bible

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Daily applications of essential oils in Biblical times were extensive, indeed. Thirty-six of the 39 books of the Old Testament and 10 of the 27 books of the New Testament mention essential oils or the plants that produce them. These were the medicine provided by God. The early Christians held the aromatic oils in very high esteem. Paul chose to … Read More

New For June 2015 – Valor II and Peace & Calming II

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Gary Young is pleased to present Valor II™ and Peace & Calming II™, alternate formulations of two Young Living favorites! Although not designed as replacements for our popular Valor® and Peace & Calming® essential oil blends, these new formulations will have increased availability. In addition, Gary hand-formulated these new blends to stay true to the original constituent character of their … Read More