What is this about emotional frequency?

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Oils Change Your Emotional Frequency: First and foremost, essential oils do not do the emotional work for you.  First thing to understand is thatno1 button all living things have a frequency.  An energetic pulse that science has measured. People, plants, water etc., all have a measurable frequency.  A healthy human body has a frequency of around 62-72 MHz.  When disease enters a body, even emotional disease like severe depression this frequency drops. Essential oils have an incredibly high frequency. For example, Rose oil has a frequency of 320MHz, Lavender 118MHz, Myrrh 108 MHz, Juniper Berry 98MHz, and Sandalwood 96MHz.

What happens is that the essential oils raise the vibration of the physical body. The body always wants to come into balance, so as the body begins to exist in higher vibrations, lower level energies like suppressed emotions want to raise to meet the higher vibrations. These feelings want to release. So these emotions begin to come to the surface, so that we can deal with them and address them. Bringing about our emotional healing. “Stagnant anger, sadness, grief, judgment and low self worth cannot exist in the environment of balance and peace which essential oils help to create.” -Emotions and Essential Oils Daniel MacDonald ]

Oils Access the Limbic & Endocrine Systems of the Brain: Are you feeling bogged down by your emotions? Do you feel trapped in emotional ruts? Are you frustrated trying to rationalize your way around your emotions? Happily, the process to clear stagnant emotional blocks and patterns is easy! Emotions are stored at a cellular level in specific organs within the body. They must be cleared at this level in order to be released. Essential oils access these stuck emotions at their deepest level, by accessing the limbic portion of the brain, which is the seat of emotions. This is not a new technique – it was employed by the ancient Egyptians

Our brains are the seat of all emotions. Our most powerful sense is our sense of smno 2 buttonell. We can differentiate over 10,000 unique scents. When we smell something it attaches to the receptor sites in our nose and travels up until it enters the Limbic System of our brain.  The Limbic system controls emotion, mood, motivation, pain sensation, pleasure sensation and then that has a response on our physical body on Endocrine system. The Endocrine system maintains our hormones and chemical balance, our whole central nervous system. Our fight and flight response, our rest and digest response and our cortisol reaction.

So aroma is really the greatest influencer of mood. Essential oils work on a chemical level in the brain balancing out those neurotransmitters and help us access memories. Think about this: you smell a cologne of an old boyfriend/girlfriend it fires off a memory and then you get butterflies in your stomach. Smell triggers memory trigger and that triggers a physiological response in the body. So once again essential oils are having an effect on our emotional well being.