The Affiliate Referral system is fast, easy and generous. You receive 10% of all Paid Signup’s you refer to us. This system is automated and we process payments once a month on the 1st-5th day of each month. If your PayPal email is not correct and you do not receive your funds we can not retroactively send you funds, so please ensure that your PayPal email address is correct.

*Note that affiliate referral payments can not be applied for previous months, all claims must be noted in the payment month. Money sent may take longer to arrive than the 1st-5th of each month.

*Important: Certain security settings, user habits (clicking out of the website and returning to purchase later) and not using the affiliate link can lead to the referrer’s account not receiving a credit. Please monitor and maintain your affiliate account for any discrepancies and alert us through the Contact section of our website if you notice you have not received a credit for an account you know has signed up under your affiliate link. Form submissions for manual credits must be done in the same month as the new user has signed up or credits can not be issued.

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