The Golden Castle

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Emotional Release and Reprogramming The goal with this meditation is to ‘release’ all the negativity (baggage or garbage) of your lifetime (known and usually unknown) and move forward in a totally positive direction! Go to MY GOOGLE DRIVE and download The Golden Castle meditation. Use the meditation at least twice daily, (in bed, at bedtime and upon awakening) and during the … Read More


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You see your body’s primary goal is survival and it will do everything in it’s power to achieve that goal – including reducing the amount of calories needed in order to function (aka slow metabolism). When it takes things to this extreme it becomes difficult to find the energy necessary to even prepare a meal. So, how do you go about turning things around so you feel better and have the energy you need while getting rid of these other hunger signs?

Do you struggle with loving yourself….your body….your size?

Angie Taylor01 No More Diets!, 02 If You're Hungry, EAT, 03 Food IS NOT the Enemy, 04 Break ALL The Food Rules, 05 - Enjoy Being Comfortably Full, 07 Emotional Wellness, 08 Self Love, Self-Care, Spiritual Wellness

NOPE, I’m not talking about a diet that’s disguised as “wellness.” I’m talking about REAL wholistic wellness. The kind of wellness where you ❤️ yourself, your body AND your size. Wholistic wellness means that you are SATISFIED with you on all levels – body, mind, emotion and spirit! You enjoy life, all types of food, and who you are on the inside.

Aroma Freedom Technique Calms Family Discord

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Okay, so the word “discord” doesn’t exactly cover it. The contention and fighting in our home was out of control! It was constant. I couldn’t leave the house to get gas or groceries without also getting multiple back to back phone calls about petty and completely unimportant things like, “he called me…..” and “he called me _____ first.” REALY!! They’re … Read More