Name: Antoinette Gomez
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Hello ~ I have had a passion for plants all my adult life. My first study, was growing a garden and herbs for wellness. Then one blessed day in 2000, a friend who also used herbs introduced me to Young Living essential oils. My first oil Iblend I smelled and fell in love with was Peace and Calming, after that I was “hooked”. Now days, I love to share and help educate anyone and everyone, why Young Living Essential Oils and their many products, are the “Link” to wellness for the entire family from infant to “fur babies”. Come join Young Living with my team and I and experience a Life style change, you will be amazed and grateful you did!!! Questions? Click on the videos - check out the site and contact me, I love, love to share! Wishing you and yours a life of Abundant Wellness ~ Antoinette and Team Abundant EO Wellness

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