July Promos from Young Living

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Happy July! I don’t like fireworks so I’m just celebrating by diffusing my favorite free aromatherapy promo in my new Lantern Diffuser! July promos are all about FREEDOM, inspired but the Young Living Convention theme last month. Get ready to live your best life!

July 2018 PromosOrder 100 PV and get:

  • 5 ml Lavender Vitality (for those on ER only) – Add 2 drops to a veggie capsule before bed to get the best sleep EVER! You can also use it to make Lavender Lemonade which is delicious! But remember to dip a toothpick in and add to a pitcher of lemonade because 1 drop is even too much. Or how about some lavender ice cream for these hot summer days – they make it at the Mona, Utah farm and it is AMAZING! The herb has a sweet, slightly floral flavor that pairs well with both rich and light foods. Lavender is sometimes included in the famous Herbes de Provence along with spices such as marjoram, thyme, oregano, and rosemary. Put a new spin on a classic meal and pair it with chicken, lamb, or even potatoes. Just a hint can enhance the flavor of your entire recipe. Make homemade fruit jams infused with Lavender Vitality essential oil. Try mixing it with blueberry, apricot, raspberry, or peach jams and jellies.

Order 190 PV and get:

  • Everything above plus
  • 5 ml Valor Essential Oil Blend – Valor® essential oil blend is one of our most popular products and a favorite of founder D. Gary Young. This blend is made with blue spruce, camphor wood, blue tansy, frankincense and geranium. Known as liquid courage, Valor is awesome to help calm nerves and give you an extra confidence boost. So it’s perfect to use before a big project, before you need to speak in front of an audience (or even that person you’ve been putting off talking to), or before a big adventure like going on a big roller coaster. It’s great for kids and animals too – especially around 4th of July fireworks nonsense! (yes I hate fireworks)
  • LavaDerm Cooling Mist Spray (for those on ER only) – This cooling mist is fantastic for helping you to keep your cool when it’s hot outside. So those long lines at the theme park ain’t got nothing on LavaDerm! You know those misters you see at the zoo or theme park that keeps everyone cool, well, this is the all-natural version of that. LavaDerm Spray is also excellent after a day at the beach. Its mild and gentle formula lightly moisturizes while also soothing and rejuvenating skin. Wherever you wander this summer, stay cool with LavaDerm Cooling Mist.

Order 250 PV and get:

  • Everything above plus
  • 15 ml Geranium Essential Oil – This is a key oil used in many emotional balancing blends like Joy and Harmony. Diffuse Geranium essential oil to help uplift and inspire feelings of happiness; geranium can encourage peaceful, spiritual feelings, making it a great oil for your living room or meditative space; dive deep into your soul and reflect on your achievements and pair with Gratitude Essential Oil blend. Or use topically with our ART Moisturizer to make an all-natural facial serum. Geranium has similar properties to Rose essential oil and there are many ways to use geranium essential oil topically and aromatically. You can also combine Geranium essential oil with oils such as Lavender and Ylang Ylang and add to a hot bath. The rich, luxurious aroma will create a private getaway.

Order 300 PV and get:

  • Everything above plus
  • 15 ml Aroma Life Essential Oil Blend – This blend is made with cypress, marjoram, ylang yang and helichrysum – WHAT?! Yep! Topically, it’s another blend I love to use as my DIY facial serum. Ylang ylang and helichrysum are fantastic for the skin… especially giving it a youthful appearance. Cypress has a natural firming effect so that’s perfect under the eyes, neck and other areas that need a little lift. For emotional support, you can wear it over your heart and your wrists to help you feel empowered and push through barriers that hold you back.


So what are you waiting for… get your FREEDOM now, baby!