A Little About Me & Why I Chose Young Living

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My name is Anora Densmore and I’m a Silver Leader with Young Living. I’m a full-time student at Idaho State University, a work-from-home mother of two, a military veteran, and wife to an Air Force retiree.

I was introduced to Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils by a good friend during a homeschool co-op class. She knew we had been using herbal supplements for a few things my family had been dealing with and we just were not getting the results we were looking for. I started researching how the chemical constituents within essential oils were so tiny they could bypass the blood-brain-barrier (our next blog post), oxygenate the brain, and heal on a cellular level whereas whole herbs could do none of these things.

I had used a few “essential oils” in the past to make some homemade personal care products, but ended up having to wear a mask or they would set off my allergies and oftentimes I would end up with a sinus infection. I voiced my concern about my past experiences with my friend and she explained to me the difference in purity of essential oils and how the majority of EOs sold in the United States are cut, diluted, blended synthetically, or otherwise altered. So, I gave them a try and…

WOW! There really *IS* a HUGE difference! Young Living’s essential oils did NOT cause me to have allergic reactions or sinus issues, but instead had a positive impact on my health!

After I started sharing with family and friends, I realized how many people I could help live above the wellness line and relieve financial strain through this amazing company! The Lord has really blessed us with this opportunity to earn extra income, be able to give more, and stay home with our children, all while being able to incorporate our morals and values into our business and help others achieve the same!

Check out my FB page at www.facebook.com/AuroraEssentialsLLC or visit my personal website at www.AuroraEssentials.com for more information. Don’t have a Young Living Sponsor yet? Contact me for more information or join my team at tinyurl.com/YLAuroraEssentials.

I am here to support you in any way I can and answer any questions I can, too. ♥

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