Australian Version Release

11844927_1171056056254737_5560965141556162768_oToday is a big day for our friends down under!

You asked for it and we are super excited & proud to announce the official release of the Australian version of YLDist’s Young Living Independent Distributor website!

Our Australian version is still in BETA (meaning we are still testing different features)  but don’t worry because we will be here to quickly modify anything that needs changed or tweaked and it will get handled right away.

The Australian website version is ready to use!  It’s still the same site that others use, however the things that are unique to Australia have been added/changed.  Our Australian friends will still have all the same awesome website features, such as:

  • Blogging, on WordPress platform, with the ability for prospects to subscribe to your blog
  • Integrate all of your social media (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter etc.) within a buttons at the top of your website
  • Options to change the background image to one of several preset backgrounds
  • Option to upload your own background image
  • Option to show the Thieves information on the front page or hide it
  • Option to show the NingXia information on the front page or hide it
  • Change the font colors of the site to suit your preference
  • Choose to upload a logo image or just a photo of yourself
  • Advertise your special events and classes with our robust ‘EVENTS’ system
  • Capture your prospects contact information with our more advanced ‘Slide In’ feature (Read about this here)
  • Seemlessly integrate lead capture with Mailchimp
  • Take advantage of our affiliate referral system to offset the cost of your site
  • All as simply as filling in a blank or clicking a button to turn an option or or off

The best news is that you don’t need to purchase anything special, and there are no odd quirks to using this, simply go to your profile and select ‘Australia’ under the Website Nation and Auto-Fill options, how easy is that?

Things to note: There is not an Australian catalog yet on the website. This will be being added soon along with a revamp of all country’s catalogs.  So please don’t worry about this feature as it will be here very soon!

Since this is a BETA of our Australian version, please let us know right away if you see any issues – you can write to us at