Name: Sharon Shabinaw
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Sharon's Story...

In April of 2016, I had a heart attack and during my recovery period, I had a lot of time to do some major soul searching. I had no idea what stress could do to your body, and that learning experience is nothing I would wish on anyone. I was fortunate though that my heart attack did not result in any long term damage. The type of heart attack I had was called 'Broken Heart Syndrome', which mimics a full-blown massive heart attack. While the experience and the recovery was a long process, I’m blessed to be here telling you about it now. During my recovery I was given the gift of Young Living Essential Oils and I began to use the diffuser and oils every day as I was relaxing in my recliner trying to digest the nightmare I had just lived through suffering from a cardiac arrest, 8 nights in the hospital, and as a result severe anxiety. These oils and the relaxing music I listened to were the only thing that could calm my spirits, stress levels, and the anxious feelings I was experiencing.

Stress can affect a number of things you probably don’t even realize:

Stress releases adrenaline, causing heart rate and blood pressure to rise.

Chronic stress may damage the walls of your arteries.

Chronic stress can also weaken the immune systems, uncomfortable physical symptoms, like headaches and stomach problems.

So, now you’re thinking, ‘how can I avoid stress when I have so much going on?’ The answer for me was a combination of some serious soul searching to become a ‘better me’ by realizing that when things are out of my control, I can only control my reactions to the situation, and learning to integrate my life and living with essential oils!

As soon as I started using these oils I was bought in immediately, and now that I am fully recovered, and a much better version of myself, I made the decision to become a distributor for Young Living to share the changes that these oils had on me personally and how they have helped me to deal with the everyday stresses of life in general!

They can help support you and your health in so many different ways. I strongly urge you to take some time to check these products out so you too can help rejuvenate your own health, energy, and stress levels!

If you have any questions at all, I'm always available to chat. Whether it's about the oils, or how I dealt with my stress levels through my heart attack! I am an author of inspirational writing as well, so please check out that website and you can learn even more about me on a personal level! It's some great reading as you are relaxing and taking in your oils!

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