What is Living Above the Line?

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Live Above The Line

Living above the line is all about living life to the fullest.  Above the line is where you are healthy, feel great physically, mentally, spiritually and financially.

When I first started using Young Living products, I liked the way they helped support healthy body systems; Gastrointestinal,  Muscular, Cardiovascular, Nervous, Brain  and more.    As I used them more, I found myself slowly transforming in a very positive way.  I was becoming more grounded,  feeling happier and more content, more interested in making the world a better place and generally enjoying life more fully.  This was and is a very pleasant and unexpected experience.   I am absolutely convinced using pure potent oils helped my movement in this great direction.

My wife and I have been using Young Living products since 2001.  We have found Young Living to be a great company, with values that align with most people – honesty, integrity, making a contribution, helping others live better lives and more….   We are blessed and honored to have met Gary and Mary Young  and established friendships with people all over the world who enjoy using and sharing this wonderful life style.

In addition to pure, potent essential oils, Young  Living provides us with oil infused supplements that support all of our body’s systems.    And they provide cleaning and personal care products that help us reduce and eliminate the number of harmful chemicals in our homes.      The personal care products  include deodorants, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, makeup, mouthwash, hand sanitizer and more.  All of them help support our healthy  systems rather than torment them with nasty man made, potentially cancer causing chemicals.

Another great way to support our healthy systems and truly feel great is enabled by supplements and a wonderful anti-oxidant beverage: NingXia Red.

A second and important  part of living above the line is achieving financial freedom.   Young Living offers a very generous compensation plan that enables everyone to earn significant income if they choose to take the action required to make it happen.    The income earned can be to simply pay for the products you use or to totally change your life and earn your living by sharing their products with others and helping your friends grow their business. According to the 2016 income disclosure statement the average monthly income for those who decide to make it a business varies from $77 a month to over $152,000 a month.

It is said the market rewards those who bring value to it.   We are exceptionally proud to be part of Young Living; one of the few multilevel marketing companies that has grown to over a billion dollars in annual sales around the globe. With over 100,000 people deciding to join Young Living every month,  Young Living is making great progress on their vision of having pure, therapeutic grade essential oils in every home.

If the idea of living above the line, and enjoying living life to the fullest appeals to you,  Please contact us  to learn more and see if there is a good match between your interests and this great opportunity.

With our Love,

Byron and Cyndy



Ready to be Blessed with More Money?

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Young Living offers a fantastic business opportunity that enables those who decide to, the ability to build an additional revenue stream ranging from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars every month.

Check out the opportunity based on 2015 earnings from members:

2015 Income Disclosure

It may be hard to read:

Beginning business builders on average make over $200 per month,

Business building leaders at the highest tiers make well over $60,000 per month on average.  Yes, over a half a million a year. and many are earning more than a million a year

If the incomes listed above pique your interest, and you’d like to learn more, please contact us NOW.   We are looking for some motivated folks to join our team that we can work with and mentor to achieve their goals.

Young Living Rain Drop Technique Video

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Young Living’s founder and chairman of the board, Gary D Young, has developed and then taught a technique for applying essential oils on back.   It is a wonderful, helpful experience.   If you are interested, watch the full video explaining the technique.

Young Living Animal Scents Pet Chews

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Animal ScenAnimal Scents Chews smallts Pet Chews were introduced at the 2016 Young Living Grand Convention.

We love our pets like family, so why wouldn’t we share the goodness of essential oils with them?   Animal Scents Pet Chews combine the power of Spearmint, Peppermint and Paragize essential oils to create a tasty treat for your pet that supports your pet’s oral and digestive health.

Our dog Valor, loves these treats.   He wholeheartedly endorses them 🙂

Benefits and Features

Supports the digestive system *

Promotes oral health for your pet *

Combats bad breath *


12 Questions to Ask An Essential Oil Company –

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We absolutely love this article.   Dr David Stewart is the  author of “the Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple,  and The Twelve Oils of Ancient Scripture.

by Dr. David Stewart

We are finding ourselves more frequently approached by competing essential oil companies to sell and promote their brand. They always claim to have “pure” oils “as good or better than those of Young Living.” Maybe they do and maybe they don’t. Here are some questions to ask when approached by another essential oil company:

1. Does their company own any farms on which to raise herbs for oils? And if they do, are they new farms on land formerly polluted with herbicides, pesticides, and chemicals that contain residuals from the past, or are they farming land that is clean, which has never been cultivated or has been untilled for at least the last 50 years?

2. Does their company have their own fully equipped testing laboratory to verify an oil’s composition?

3. Do they have anyone on staff with a trained nose who can analyze oils by their smell? (There are less than 200 people in the world with noses sufficiently trained to discern the chemistry of a fragrance.)

4. If their company purchases oils from outside suppliers, do they visit the distilleries and farms of those suppliers periodically to observe if the herbs are grown organically, i.e. without pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers?

5. Do they know if the grower has a testing laboratory on the farm to determine when the crop is at its peak for oil harvesting?

6. Do they know if the crops were actually harvested at their peak time and, if so, was there an inordinate delay in taking them to the still and into the cookers?

7. Do they know if their distillery personnel understand the art and science of distilling, exactly how to pack the cookers, how to administer the steam, how to maintain minimum temperatures and pressures throughout the cooker, and how to continuously monitor the process throughout distillation to make sure the oil produced contains all of its components in the proper proportions?

8. If their supplier makes a mistake in the distillation or harvesting processes that results in an inferior grade of oil, does that supplier sell the oil anyway or do they discard it?

9. Do they know if the the cookers in the distilleries of their suppliers have domed lids or cone shaped lids? Most stills use dome-shaped lids. Cone topped cookers deliver a better grade of oil than dome tops.

10. Do they know if their suppliers supplement the distillation process with solvents to extract additional oil from the plant matter?

11. Do they know if their suppliers bottle their oils directly from the distillery without modifying the composition of the natural oil by adding anything or taking anything away?

12. Do they know if their company has tested their company’s oils side by side with Young Living oils in the same lab to make a fair comparison? And if so, where is the data?

This is not a comprehensive list of questions you could ask, but if their answer to any or most of the above is “no,” or “I don’t know,” then how do they know their oils are “pure therapeutic grade” and that they are “as good or better than those of Young Living?” Without such knowledge, how can they make any verifiable claims that compare Young Living Oils with their brand?

With Young Living, you know that the answer to all of these questions is “Yes.”

Young Living owns and operates four large farms in Utah, Idaho, France, and Ecuador, all of which were clean and free of chemicals for at least 50 years before Young Living agreed to buy the land. In fact, the land in Idaho had never been farmed before Young Living, and the Ecuador farm is being cleared from primitive jungle, free from human contamination for thousands of years.

Young Living also has an expertly staffed, fully equipped laboratory for testing oils including a gas chromatograph, a mass spectrometer, and other equipment whose value adds up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Young Living also has small labs on their farms to test the plants right from the field as they mature to determine the exact season and time of day to harvest the crop for the best oil. This is necessary because plants change their chemistry throughout the season and throughout the day, varying from week to week and hour to hour.

Gary Young is one of the few people in the world who can smell an oil and tell you what compounds are present, which are missing, and in what quantities. An essential oil company needs a person like that to check every batch of oil to make sure it is up to therapeutic standards. Such people can discern certain aspects of oil chemistry that a laboratory cannot measure.

Young Living markets more than 100 species of oils and cannot possible raise them all on their own farms. When they purchase from other growers and suppliers, they not only may initial site visits to verify that the oils are being produced and packaged properly, but they have a program of making repeated visits from time to time to make sure the standards are being upheld.

Young Living Agilease

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Young LivinAgilease smallg Agilease introduced at the 2016 Grand International Convention June 23 – 25.     Agilease  is a joint health supplement that’s perfect for individuals who are looking to keep their active lifestyles by supporting joint mobility and flexibility.  Agilease can reduce acute joint discomfort and support the body’s healthy response to inflammation from exercise.*

Key Benefits and Features:

Supports and Protects joint and cartilage health *

Beneficial for athletes and active individuals of all ages who want to support and protect their joints and cartilage *

Perfect companion to an active lifestyle, promoting healthy function and supporting cartilage health *

Supports the body’s response to acute  inflammation in healthy individuals *

Helps support healthy joint flexibility and and mobility *

Formulated with ingredients and essential oils for healthy joint support*

Helps ease acute joint discomfort to improve quality of life*

Key ingredients:

Frankincense resin powder, UC-II collagen, proprietary essential oil blend of Wintergreen, Copiaba, Clove and Northern Lights Black Spruce.

Look for Agilease  in the Young Living catalog for more information and to place your order.

  •  These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  Young Living Products are not intended to diagnose, teat, cure or prevent any disease.




2016 Young Living Grand Convention Update

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The 2016 International Grand Convention in Salt Lake City was the best convention yet.   Over 22,000 people attended and it was organized so well, it was a joy.

We are so excited about the new products, especially the two that are paving the path to more FDA approved products.  They are:

Thieves Cough Drops and Cool AZul Pain Gel

We can now legally say the Cool Azul Pain Relief Cream actually helps relieve pain!  And we can say Thieves cough drops are good for sore throats ! As Gary said at convention two years ago, he was going to find a way we could all talk about our fantastic Young Living products openly, honestly and compliantly.  Dr Mike is the new head of research and product development and is leading the program.  He is a science guru –

Watch for more product announcements soon.






There were a total of 16 new products introduced at the Young Living Grand Convention in Salt Lake City.  Here are a set of links to the Young Living website for more information on each one.  We hope you like them as much as we do.

Young Living Agilease   –  a new supplement that supports healthy joint mobility and flexibility

Animal Scents Dental Pet Chew   –  definitely Valor approved, he loves this treat, and we love it for him.

Cool Azul Pain Relief Cream   – yes we can say pain!   And it really works.

Dalmatia Aromatic Oil Collection  – this collection is from Croatia, and smells lovely.

Essential Oil Bottle Organizer   – for those who want a place to show a small part of their collection  🙂   We have many more than 30 oils, and limited space, so we got creative in storing them.

Gary’s True Grit Einkorn Granola  – this is absolutely delicious, and made with Einkorn wheat so it is good for us.  Buy at least two so you are not disappointed when they are all gone too quickly. 🙂

Gary’s True Grit Einkorn Rotini Pasta  – yes healthy wheat pasta,   going to try it soon.

Gary’s True Grit Wolfbery Crisp Bars   –  these great bars are coated in healthy chocolate – yum

Live Your Passion essential oil blend   – this oil blend is one you have to try, it is absolutely lovely.

NingXia Zyng  – newly formulated energy drink, lots of energy, less sugar  🙂   I love it.

PowerGize   –  this one is formulated for men, yet women can use it too.   Want more energy?

Select 30 Oil Collection   – 30 of Young Living’s most popular essential oils, in 1 convenient kit

Slique Shake  –  a new meal replacement shake to help us manage our weight

Slique Citraslim  –   a convenient pack with a liquid and 3 powder capsules that help weight management

Thieves automatic dishwashing powder   –  we don’t use our dishwasher, so will look forward to comments from you

Thieve Essential Oil Infused Cough Drops  –  these are great!  We use them any time we feel a slight irritation in our throat.

Looking for  a way to release some weight?

We were excited to learn about a great program for losing weight and staying at a healthy weight.  It’s called the Slique in 60 Challenge.     If you purchase a qualifying Slique kit and use the products faithfully for 60 consecutive days, Young Living promises that you’ll see a change for the better! If you’re unsatisfied at the end of the trial period, they’ll give you a product credit equal to the amount of your purchase.   Wow!

We hope you enjoyed this view of the new products.   If you are not yet a member and want to be, learn more about becoming a member , or contact us.   We are always looking for new people to share these wonderful oils, and if you are interested, we love helping people earn some extra money,  if you work it, it can be a lot of extra money.   We don’t know about you, for us some extra money really comes in handy toward the end of the month.