What is Living Above the Line?

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Live Above The Line

Living above the line is all about living life to the fullest.  Above the line is where you are healthy, feel great physically, mentally, spiritually and financially.

When I first started using Young Living products, I liked the way they helped support healthy body systems; Gastrointestinal,  Muscular, Cardiovascular, Nervous, Brain  and more.    As I used them more, I found myself slowly transforming in a very positive way.  I was becoming more grounded,  feeling happier and more content, more interested in making the world a better place and generally enjoying life more fully.  This was and is a very pleasant and unexpected experience.   I am absolutely convinced using pure potent oils helped my movement in this great direction.

My wife and I have been using Young Living products since 2001.  We have found Young Living to be a great company, with values that align with most people – honesty, integrity, making a contribution, helping others live better lives and more….   We are blessed and honored to have met Gary and Mary Young  and established friendships with people all over the world who enjoy using and sharing this wonderful life style.

In addition to pure, potent essential oils, Young  Living provides us with oil infused supplements that support all of our body’s systems.    And they provide cleaning and personal care products that help us reduce and eliminate the number of harmful chemicals in our homes.      The personal care products  include deodorants, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, makeup, mouthwash, hand sanitizer and more.  All of them help support our healthy  systems rather than torment them with nasty man made, potentially cancer causing chemicals.

Another great way to support our healthy systems and truly feel great is enabled by supplements and a wonderful anti-oxidant beverage: NingXia Red.

A second and important  part of living above the line is achieving financial freedom.   Young Living offers a very generous compensation plan that enables everyone to earn significant income if they choose to take the action required to make it happen.    The income earned can be to simply pay for the products you use or to totally change your life and earn your living by sharing their products with others and helping your friends grow their business. According to the 2016 income disclosure statement the average monthly income for those who decide to make it a business varies from $77 a month to over $152,000 a month.

It is said the market rewards those who bring value to it.   We are exceptionally proud to be part of Young Living; one of the few multilevel marketing companies that has grown to over a billion dollars in annual sales around the globe. With over 100,000 people deciding to join Young Living every month,  Young Living is making great progress on their vision of having pure, therapeutic grade essential oils in every home.

If the idea of living above the line, and enjoying living life to the fullest appeals to you,  Please contact us  to learn more and see if there is a good match between your interests and this great opportunity.

With our Love,

Byron and Cyndy