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Young LivinAgilease smallg Agilease introduced at the 2016 Grand International Convention June 23 – 25.     Agilease  is a joint health supplement that’s perfect for individuals who are looking to keep their active lifestyles by supporting joint mobility and flexibility.  Agilease can reduce acute joint discomfort and support the body’s healthy response to inflammation from exercise.*

Key Benefits and Features:

Supports and Protects joint and cartilage health *

Beneficial for athletes and active individuals of all ages who want to support and protect their joints and cartilage *

Perfect companion to an active lifestyle, promoting healthy function and supporting cartilage health *

Supports the body’s response to acute  inflammation in healthy individuals *

Helps support healthy joint flexibility and and mobility *

Formulated with ingredients and essential oils for healthy joint support*

Helps ease acute joint discomfort to improve quality of life*

Key ingredients:

Frankincense resin powder, UC-II collagen, proprietary essential oil blend of Wintergreen, Copiaba, Clove and Northern Lights Black Spruce.

Look for Agilease  in the Young Living catalog for more information and to place your order.

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