Chicken Taco Grill Marinade

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It’s summertime and the livin’ is easy! Summer days call for easy dinners that can be prepared on the grill without heating up the house. But chicken on the grill doesn’t have to be dry and boring like most grilled chicken is.  The trick is in the marinade, and the big secret to mastering marinades is in knowing the effect of … Read More

Wellness at Work

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Essential oils at the office

There was a recent survey of 10,000 workers that found 85 percent of employees are unhappy with their office environment and struggle to concentrate. Another study shows that nearly 70 percent of employees are disengaged.  That’s astounding!  Unhappy, unfocused, disengaged employees are not the keys to productivity, wellbeing, or a positive bottom line. It directly benefits the company and the … Read More

The Assistant’s Survival Guide

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How assistants use essential oils at work

Administrative assistant. Executive assistant. Personal assistant. Master of making things happen. Take a look at this guide to find out how to stay more calm, relaxed, and grounded during the daily grind, maintain your focus and energy, and in turn, support better sleep habits at night, preparing you to feel more rested so you can crush your personal and business goals and live your best … Read More

Gift Giving for Him

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Do you have trouble finding the perfect gift for the men in your life? Let me help you identify the kind of men you are surrounded with and pick gifts to make them feel loved and appreciated . . . because even if they don’t admit it, guys like to feel special too! Check this out!    

The Morning Sets the Mood

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great day protocol

How you start your mornings has a huge impact on the remainder of your day. It can even be a very good indication of how you will end your day. If you wake up with your mind already racing, frantically rushing around trying to get things done for yourself and everyone else with your nerves on edge, you are setting … Read More

Adoption + Oils

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I’m a goal setter by nature, and I often dream of the things I’ll do “someday” when I reach those goals.  One of those things involves my dreams for when I’m higher in leadership of Young Living: to be able to fund an adoption. I’m not there yet, but God says to be faithful with the small things, right? My brother … Read More

Skin Care for Your Skin Type

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Sometimes it’s a mystery what products you should use on your face. I mean, by now we know how toxic traditional, store-bought products can be.  But once you find a great, harsh-chemical-free brand like Young Living, which of their products are best for YOUR specific skin? I’m here to take the mystery out once and for all. Follow along here … Read More

Why I Oil

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Oily Lifestyle

My mom is a two-time breast cancer survivor. My mom’s dad died from lung cancer and her mom had vaginal cancer before she later died from brain cancer. My dad’s dad died with Alzheimer’s. Many more people very close to me have heart-breaking stories of their own that aren’t mine to tell.  And I’ve only scratched the surface. I’m weary … Read More

Sundays are for Self Care

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Sunday evenings are my least favorite night of the week. But how crummy is it to dislike a whole night of the week, every week? Life is waaay to short for that! I’ve decided I’m reclaiming my Sundays. So for the last several weeks, I’ve dedicated my Sunday nights to some self care. After I get Em settled in bed … Read More

Essential Oils + Yoga

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I love yoga.  I love how it slows down my mind and how it makes my body feel.  Those who practice yoga regularly can understand how an hour of breathwork, focusing, setting an intention, and turning inward can truly change your mindset. I leave yoga feeling leaner, stronger, empowered, and kinder toward myself and those around me. Over the past … Read More