I’m a Modern Hippie

Nicole BrannickHousehold

Modern Hippie

When I was growing up, hippie was a very derogatory term. Those were the people who rejected the established norms. Why couldn’t they just be like everyone else? Do things the way society says they should be done?

Well, as I’m getting older, I’m discovering that I’m becoming a modern hippie. While I don’t smoke marijuana, you might just find a bottle of CBD oil in my bathroom (don’t worry, Mom, it doesn’t have THC or produce any of the psychotropic effects of marijuana—it’s all good!). I may not have incense burning in my home, but I do have a bong of wellness called a diffuser. I don’t get my household cleaners at Target anymore; instead I use vinegar, baking soda, and Thieves Household Cleaner made of plants. Plants, of all things!

Artificial sweeteners? Nope. Honey, maple syrup, and pure cane sugar when needed.

Diet soda? Nope. I’m more of a LaCroix kind of girl, and I’m ignoring the news reports until that issue is settled.

Flu shots? Nope. Elderberry syrup and Oscillo, thank you.

Microwave? Not usually.

I HAVE attended a peaceful political protest, but I promise no flags were burned. And I wore a bra.

We love a beautiful lawn, but you’ll find more patches of clover or Bermuda than you will fescue these days. But that just allows me to go barefoot and do more “grounding.”

I do yoga, and I’ve been to a hypnotherapist. We have a salt lamp in our bedroom, and I’m even considering going to a salt cave.

Give me all the probiotics, essential oils, kombucha, and green smoothies.

Yep, I think I’m becoming a modern hippie. Wanna be a modern hippie too? I’d love to help you get started!