It’s All About Ambience

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A clean house.  A glass of wine.  Candles lit.  It’s just about the best kind of evening for me. I love the way a dimly lit room coupled with a soft fragrance makes me feel.  Add in some music, and I’m a happy, happy girl.  But now we know that those paraffin candles are emitting chemicals (soot, anyone?) and other synthetic fragrances that many experts say are causing asthma and cancer.  Asthma and cancer? Yep! So what’s a girl to do?

Did you know that you can create that same atmosphere without all the toxins?  Just grab yourself a high-quality essential oil diffuser and some Young Living essential oils.  The diffuser uses ultrasonic vibration to disperse millions of tiny molecules of therapeutic grade essential oils into the air, which can instantly change the mood of the room.  And instead of polluting your indoor air with toxic chemicals, you will be purifying the air with your essential oils!

Still need the candle glow? I use battery-operated candles.  You can get a basic flickering candle from any big-box store or go all-out with a moving-flame candle that looks and feels like a real paraffin candle — even with options like a remote control or timer.  And I’m really excited about Young Living’s brand new Desert Mist Diffuser that actually has the option to flicker similar to candle.Print

So grab your Young Living essential oils, your diffuser, and a diffuser recipe or two like the ones below.  If you don’t already have those necessary ingredients, I can help you get your Premium Starter Kit that contains a diffuser, eleven essential oils, and a bunch of other goodies.  You’ll have to get your own wine.

Summer Diffuser

Be oily and be well!