My Birthday Wish

Nicole BrannickMembership


My birthday is this week. And with each year that ticks by, I think harder about wanting to live longer, to live better. Wellness has never been as important to me as it is now. I have an eight-year old, and I want to see her get married and have kids of her own someday in the far-off future. I want you to live better too. It’s my birthday wish.

So in honor of my birthday, the Big One, I’m giving you $20 back as an account credit if you will come along on this Young Living wellness journey with me using my referral code before midnight on September 24. And it’s not just a starter kit. It’s education. It’s community. It’s fun.

When you are ready, just click “Become a Member” on the home page. If you want more info, contact me. I’d love to help.

Let’s make our next year a great one!