Stubbornness and Gratitude

Nicole BrannickMembership, Wellness


In 2014 I fasted and prayed for more direction in my life. I didn’t realize it at the time, but God answered my prayer later that year. But like most of us hard-headed (stiff-necked, even) humans, it took longer than it should have.

My sweet friend Janel had gently (and repeatedly) introduced me to Young Living’s essential oils, but I met most of the discussions with more than a fair amount of skepticism. It just seemed, well . . . weird. I mean, essential oils were just for adding to homemade cleaners to soften the vinegar smell, right? Wrong.

In December of 2014, while my husband was out of town for the week, I decided to just do it. I had no idea what exactly was in the kit, what I would use the oils for, or even how much it would cost. I just felt an overwhelming need to have that kit. And so the next evening, Janel brought me a new kit she just happened to have on hand. (Funny how that works, right?)

Every night that week, I immersed myself in my kit. I could hardly wait to put my daughter to bed at night so I could read all the things. I used every oil. And then I started reading the Biblical history and fell in love.

Now my life looks a lot different than it did in December 2014. And that’s an awesome thing. And I owe that to Janel.

So if you are sharing about oils with a hard-headed (stiff-necked, even) human who meets you with skepticism or even silence, keep it up. She may just come around, because this movement isn’t going away.

If you have been blessed with a friend who gently introduces you to oils, it’s not because she wants to “sell” you something. It’s because she wants you to have what she has. Hear her out. Just give them a try, because this movement isn’t going away.

If you’ve already experienced the awesomeness of Young Living, yay for you! Thank the person who introduced you. She is one amazing chick!

And if you haven’t yet embraced this oily lifestyle, I’d love to be the one you thank later for introducing you.  Let’s chat, friend!