Sundays are for Self Care

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Sunday evenings are my least favorite night of the week. But how crummy is it to dislike a whole night of the week, every week? Life is waaay to short for that! I’ve decided I’m reclaiming my Sundays. So for the last several weeks, I’ve dedicated my Sunday nights to some self care. After I get Em settled in bed … Read More

Just Part of the Day

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One of the things I explain to people who have a curiosity about essential oils is that they aren’t the next new fad like personalized lockets, embroidered cloth handbags, and such. They really are part of a return to healthier, more natural living. Essential oils have been around since the beginning of time, and they are here to stay. They … Read More

Never Leave Home Without It

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Stress Away

I would be doing a disservice to moms everywhere if I held back on telling you about my all-time favorite essential oil blend. I will never—and I mean never ever—leave home without it. And once you experience this Young Living product for yourself, you won’t either. But first, imagine this. You are boarding an airplane and heading to the back … Read More