Lovin’ on our Team

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Loving on our Team

Lovin’ on our Team – February 2016

We LOVE our Young Living team!
We’ve been blessed with knowledgeable, professional, friendly, generous, hard-working team members! As a result of authentic, heart-centered sharing and teaching, our team members have attracted their own team members, and have grown exponentially over the last several months! We love being generous to our team, and helping them grow! Some of the things we have done recently include the following:

Teaching: We teach to our team’s needs. Whether it is whole group instruction at a local restaurant or wellness clinic, small group interaction in someone’s home, or individual one-on-one instruction, we are available to our members.

Partnering: We partner with local businesses to help them spread the wellness word. We partner with our members to help them learn and grow. We promote business that use the Young Living products.

Loving: We love on our team. We pray for our team.  We are generous to our team through our resources and time.  We conduct our business with integrity and sincerity. We come alongside our members, educate them, and provide assistance whenever and wherever it is needed.

Our team is amazing. We are incredibly thankful for our members, and will continue to encourage their growth and understanding of Young Living.

Do you want to join this amazing, incredible group of people?  We would love to have you!  Sign up to become a member today, and experience all that we have to offer!