Welcome to Savvy Minerals!

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Welcome to Savvy Minerals! NON-TOXIC SAVVY MINERAL MAKEUP PREMIUM STARTER KIT   Did you know that the average woman puts over 500 chemicals per day on her body?! 80 chemicals even before breakfast?!  And since our skin absorbs 60-70% of any topical products we use– then we need to know what we are putting on our bodies. Don’t you agree? … Read More

The Purest Essential Oils!

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  The Purest Essential Oils! Jon and Beth Lindberg  Young Living Distributor Member # 254396 WHEN RESULTS MATTER Millions around the world have discovered that a drop of pure essential oil can change everything for the better. Young Living is committed to establishing and maintaining the ultimate, industry-leading standard in essential oil products, so their work can keep changing lives … Read More

Relax with Aroma Siez

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Relax with Aroma Siez & June’s PV Promos    Hello!  We are so proud of you! You’ve taken the important step of educating yourself on the benefits of natural and safe essential oils. Read below to learn about the relaxing blend, Aroma Siez, and this month’s PV promotions. Please reach out if you have any questions! Jon and Beth Aroma … Read More

Part 2: Making it Happen

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Working the Young Living opportunity and creating abundance is not complicated or expensive. Any wholesale member of Young Living has the opportunity to earn income. Here are a few things to consider: 1. Become an Independent Distributor Sign up with a wholesale membership to become an independent distributor. The great thing about becoming an independent distributor is that it’s a … Read More

Part 1: Creating Residual Income with Young Living

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Creating Residual Income with Young Living August 2017 Part 1 – Realizing the opportunity Many of us have already experienced an increase in wellness as a result of using the Young Living products in our lives every day. Whether it has been born as a result of exploring alternative ways of caring for our bodies, reducing chemicals in our homes … Read More

Sizzling July Giveaway!

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Sizzling  July! Our Super Simple Summer Giveaway continues! It’s the summer of giving, and we are celebrating our active team members all summer long! The June giveaway was a smashing success, and we are excited to announce our giveaway items for July! Prizes for July include: • Orange Blossom Facial Wash ($53.95 retail value). This is my favorite facial wash … Read More

Super Simple Summer Giveaway!

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Super Simple Summer Giveaway! Hello June! Summer is near, and we are celebrating by offering awesome incentives and promos to our active team members all throughout the season! To kick it off right, June will bring some spectacular drawings for fabulous prizes. Prizes include: • Coconut Lime Replenishing Body Butter ($42.43 retail value) https://www.youngliving.com/en_US/products/coconut-lime-replenishing-body-butter • Two Account Credits of $20.00 … Read More


Jon and Beth LindbergOur Amazing Oils

Pine Essential Oil Pine essential oil is a valuable tool in the wellness toolbox. Pine essential oil supports a healthy respiratory system, contributes to healthy skin, and can be used to uplift emotions. Pine essential oil contributes to balanced, smooth, renewed, and shiny skin. Pine can de-stress and rejuvenate, and is a wonderful addition to a bath or sauna. First … Read More

Lovin’ on our Team

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Loving on our Team

Lovin’ on our Team – February 2016 We LOVE our Young Living team! We’ve been blessed with knowledgeable, professional, friendly, generous, hard-working team members! As a result of authentic, heart-centered sharing and teaching, our team members have attracted their own team members, and have grown exponentially over the last several months! We love being generous to our team, and helping … Read More