5 Favorite Essential Oil Fall Blends for Everyday Life

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Five best essential oil blends for fall

I like to center my life on peace, joy and purpose. I’m able to keep ahold of that mindset with my continued use of essential oils. For years people have been using the benefits of essential oils to enhance their spiritual, physical and emotional well-being. These days it’s more important than ever to focus on those three things for our overall wellness.

Combine the unique properties of essential oils with the changing of the season and you have a great opportunity to cultivate a renewed sense of spirit and purpose. And to celebrate this time of year, I’m sharing my 5 favorite fall blends that you can enjoy in your everyday life.

#1 Pumpkin Spice: One of the most popular of the fall blends, pumpkin spice is nostalgic. Pretty much pumpkin anything, is a staple during the holiday season around my house. Yours, too? Here you go:

• 4 drops cinnamon bark

• 3 drops of cardamom

• 1 drop of orange

• 1 drop of clove

Not only is this an inviting blend for when you have a company, these essential oils have immune boosting properties making them ideal for the changing of the seasons.

#2 Cool Nights: As the days get shorter and the weather starts to turn colder I like to use blends that energize and boost mood.

• 5 drops orange essential oil

• 3 drops lemon essential oil

• 2 drops Idaho balsam fir essential oil

This blend is simple, yet invigorating. Perfect for those cool fall nights that have finally arrived for most of us.

#3 Mountain Walk: Fall wouldn’t be complete with the earthy aroma of the mountains. This particular blend fills a room without being overpowering.

• 3 drops frankincense

• 2 drops pine

• 1 drop cedarwood

This blend is perfect for entertaining or holiday parties, overall sets a relaxing mood.

#4 Autumn Woods: One of my personal favorites, this blend shouts “Hello Fall”. It’s earthy, yet refreshing.

• 2 drops frankincense

• 2 drops cypress

• 1 drop sandalwood

• 1 drop juniper

• 1 drop pine

The cool part about this blend is you can play around a bit with these essential oils to find the perfect mix for you. You’ll notice a complexity in this scent that will nudge you to experiment, so do it!

#5: Simply Sweet: A pleasure to the senses, this blend is tasty sweet. This scent is inviting and I get tons of compliments from family and friends.

• 3 drops geranium

• 2 drops lavender

• 2 drops chamomile

• 2 drops cedarwood

• 2 drops cardamom

Fall is a time of apple cider, pumpkin spice, bonfires and fallen leaves. These delightful autumn blends are perfect for this time of year and are pleasing for everyday life.

Give some of these blends a try and let me know what you think in the comments.

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  1. Bridget White

    What are you doing with these blends? Diffusing them (then it seems like a lot of drops in the diffuser), or are you putting them in a separate bottle, or something different?

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