How to make Homemade Scented Bath Salts

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DIY Bath Salts using essential oils

How many of you have a spice rack full of glass bottles with ten year old spices caked inside?  Yeah, me too…  That is, until recently when I cleaned out my spice drawer and tossed out all the expired stuff.  Since I cannot bring myself to throw away perfectly good glass bottles, I had a bunch lying around just begging me for a project.  Enter my sister’s birthday.  She is a Fourth of July firecracker baby, so I made her a basket of assorted essential oil bath salt goodies for her birthday last weekend.   These were SO simple to make, and she absolutely loved them.

Here is how I made them:

Fill half the bottle with unscented, plain epsom salt, which is surprisingly hard to find.  You can enlist the kids for this part, just put a catch-all bowl underneath so you don’t turn your kitchen into the Great Salt Lake Desert…DIY Bath Salts with essential oils-2

When it’s halfway full, stop and add a few drops of pure, therapeutic grade essential oils (that are safe for topical applications).  I use Young Living brand. Close the lid and shake well.  DIY Bath Salts with essential oils

Then, fill up the rest of the bottle and add a few more drops of essential oils on top.  Shake again. This evenly disperses the oils throughout the epsom salt so they don’t clump together on top. DIY Bath Salts with essential oils-3

Since I had five nice empty bottles, I made five different scents of salt: Panaway, Lavender , Lemon, Peace & Calming and Stress Away.

DIY Bath Salts with essential oils-4

Side note- If you’d like to purchase any of these oils, please contact me here! Most of these oils come inside the Premium Starter Kit, which is a steal of a deal, in my opinion.

DIY Bath Salts with essential oils-5

After that, I slapped some labels onto the glass using these 2″ Avery high gloss circle labels.  You can make and design your own labels using premade templates from Avery here. The fonts I used on these were KG Somebody That I Used to Know (print) and Anna Clara (script).

I found these cute embossed galvanized Happy Birthday tags at my friend Lucy’s vendor booth a few weeks ago.  Aren’t they CUTE?  I added one to the basket and it was the perfect little gift for my sister’s birthday.  Embossed Happy Birthday tag