All Young Living Essential Oil Home Diffuser Options

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A good home diffuser is a must-have for anyone planning to use essential oils in your home. Diffuser disperse micro-particles of essential oils into the air, giving you the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy as well as making your home smell amazing.

There are so many options on the market, but Young Living diffusers are the most excellent quality ones I’ve ever found. We carry a wide variety of options to fit any taste and lifestyle, from fun diffusers for kids’ rooms to stylish versions that will look great in your living room.

Here are the current diffuser options offered by Young Living (updated: July 1, 2017)


  1. Aria Diffuser
  2. Bamboo Diffuser
  3. Aromalux
  4. Home Diffuser- Dewdrop
  5. Home Diffuser (purple top)
  6. Dino Land Ultrasonic Diffuser
  7. Dolphin Reef Ultrasonic Diffuser
  8. ORB portable USB diffuser
  9. Rainstone Diffuser
  10. Resin Burner
  11. Sundance Ultrasonic Diffuser
  12. TheraPro Atomizer (currently unavailable)
  13. Travel Fan Diffuser (currently unavailable)
  14. USB Diffusers
  15. Desert Mist Diffuser

Each style offers different run-times and features, so please read my diffuser comparison chart here to see the different benefits of each.

Several of these diffusers are offered at a steep discount if you purchase a Premium Starter Kit along with 11 bottles of essential oils and more goodies. The comparison chart lists those at the very top so you can make your decision easily.

Click here to find all the different diffusers and Premium Starter kit options.

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