Back to School August Promos are Awesome!

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The August Back to School promos are here!! WOOHOO!

If y’all don’t have the KidScents oils yet, this is a great time to get them. Here are a few ways we use them in our house:

  • GeneYus helps my 4th grader focus on tests at school and homework. Combine this with a drop of Clarity on the bottoms of his feet and he stays on task WAY easier than normal.
  • Sleeplyze applied topically helps both kids sleep better along with a drop of Peace and Calming in a diffuser.
  • Owie is great for the small scrapes and bumps that come with being a kid.
  • Snifflease is great for preventing those back to school sniffles. Use this one daily along with a drop of diluted Thieves to support their immune systems and keep the coughs away.
  • TummyGize is a MUST for little bellies who are bound to pick up some bad bugs from other kids.  I keep this one on hand as well as Digize and Peppermint for the adults! 🙂

I add roller balls to the tops of all of the essential oils for kids so they cannot accidentally spill these. All KidScents oils are pre-diluted and safe for children to use.

I also LOVE Clarity for my son and myself.

If you get distracted easily like me, it is really great for focusing on a big project. I use this one a LOT when I’m trying to get through the work day.  Add a little Citrus Fresh and Peppermint in the diffuser and you’ll be energized all day!

Envision smells AMAZING and we all love Lemon and Citrus Fresh, right?

Woot! Don’t miss out on these great free oils!

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