Back to School Survival Guide: Day 3

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The first day of school has arrived, and so have the jitters.  Help your kid relax and de-stress using essential oils.  There are so many great essential oils to calm and sooth frazzled nerves. Try Stress Away, Valor, Peace and Calming or a citrus oil like Orange or Bergamot to inhale through out the day.  A diffuser necklace or bracelet is an easy way to breathe in the benefits of essential oils all day long. Diffuser necklaces for kids

If homework time drives everyone crazy, try diffusing essential oils like Brain Power, Clarity or Peppermint to activate the limbic system and help your kids focus on getting homework completed. The limbic systems is the brain’s center of emotion, but it also helps with learning and memory.  All essential parts of learning!

Homework study aids essential oils

If your child is allowed to bring essential oils to school, mix them up a rollerball of their favorite scents to use throughout the day.  They can apply it before a big test or for a quick pick-me-up during the afternoon slump.  Here are a few really awesome rollerball recipes for kids!

Kids rollerball recipes with essential oils

If you don’t want to DIY an essential oil blend but still want a kid-friendly option, try Young Living’s KidScents oils! Growing up is a lot of hard work, so help your children out with these specialty oils.  They are safe, pure essential oil blends that have been pre-diluted with a carrier oil so they are not irritating to kid’s sensitive skin. With fun names like GeneYus, Owie, SleepyIze, Snifflease and Tummygize, your kids will love having their own set of special oils to call their own!

Kidscents essential oils

Don’t forget the teacher gifts!  Skip the apples and go straight for the good stuff- Thieves products will help keep her classroom clean and germ-free while smelling WONDERFUL.  You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your kid’s classroom is free from harsh chemicals.  You might also want to throw in a Stress Away rollerball for the teacher, as well!

Teacher Gifts Young living

Thanks so much for reading the Back to School Survival Guide!

Now let’s get ready to Oil up, Stay well and Have a GREAT school year!


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