Day 1: How to use Lemon Essential Oil

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Ways to use lemon oil in your home

Welcome to Day 1 of the 14 Day Challenge!  This is the day you crack open that box of essential oil awesomeness that is the Premium Starter Kit and start using those oils!  Over the next 14 days, I’m going to teach you how to use your essential oils inside the Young Living Premium Starter Kit!  By the end of this series you’re going to be an essential oil NINJA.  Even if you haven’t yet purchased your Premium Starter Kit, you’re welcome to follow along if it helps with your decision making process. I predict by Day 3 you’ll be ready to buy, though. 😉

Let’s kick things off with one of THE most useful bottles of oil in the whole kit: Lemon

Safe Ways to Use Lemon Essential Oil:

  • Aromatically in your home diffuser or inhaling straight from the bottle
  • Topically; diluted onto skin (see precautions below)
  • Dietary; for your culinary recipes


1-Lemon essential oil uses

We all know that lemon oil is commonly found in products such as household cleaners and furniture polish, but have you ever wondered “Why?”.  It has a lot more than just a happy scent, although that is another benefit!  Lemon essential oil contains a powerful naturally-occurring compound called limonene.  A quick Google search of limonene will give you LOTS more information about why limonene is a great thing for wellness.

Lemon oil is one of the key ingredients in the Digest+Cleanse supplement that I take daily. It’s also found in Thieves cleaning products, and essential oil blends such as Thieves, Citrus Fresh, Clarity, Joy and Harmony.

Lemon oil makes a great complement to Peppermint and Lavender as a part of your daily wellness regimen! You can mix a few drops of each in the palm of your hand along with a carrier oil like V-6 or coconut oil, and apply it topically to your chest, neck, back or bottoms of your feet.  If you use this daily,  you might want to consider mixing it up in a 10 ml rollerball bottle with the following ratio:

  • 20 drops lemon oil
  • 20 drops lavender oil
  • 20 drops peppermint oil
  • 60 drops carrier oil that is liquid at room temp (I love Young Living’s V-6 oil!)

Apply as needed. This is a convenient way of applying daily oils that eliminates the hassle of mixing it by hand every day.

lemon, lavender and peppermint trio

But it’s not only good for our bodies!

Because limonene is a natural solvent, it is great for our household cleaning routines.  For toxin-free cleaning routines, beauty and skincare regimes and clean eating, lemon essential oil is a must-have.


Allow me to present the…

Top 40 ways to use lemon essential oil everyday:

  1. Just a few drops of lemon oil easily removes the sticky residue left behind from bottle labels. No harsh chemicals required.
  2. Diffuse a few drops each morning for an energizing start to the day.
  3. Homework helper: Diffuse while studying to help retain information.
  4. Your teens can add a drop to their evening moisturizer to reduce the appearance of blemishes.
  5. Add a few drops to a homemade lemon sugar scrub for a yummy smelling treat for your skin.
  6. Add it to your conditioner for an aromatic treat that smooths and shines the look of your hair.
  7. 1 cup water + 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar + 3 drops lemon oil = Squeaky clean hair rinse.
  8. Mix a few drops lemon oil with a cup of Epsom salt for an energizing bath soak.
  9. Rub on elbows for unsurpassed Summertime smoothness.
  10. Rub lemon oil on your heels to get your feet ready for sandal season.
  11. Mix up your own DIY body butter with a few drops of lemon for a skin-brightening moisturizing cream.
  12. Apply topically to areas that need improved circulation.
  13. Crayon on the wall? No worries- a few drops of lemon oil on a paper towel works magic to remove it.
  14. Forgot a load of laundry overnight?  Add a few drops to the wash cycle and your clothes will smell so fresh and so clean without wasting detergent.
  15. Degrease your pots, pans, sink and more by adding a few drops to your dish water.
  16. Add to your dishwasher rinse cycle for a spotless shine on your dishes.
  17. Remove that perma-stink from your dish clothes by soaking them in vinegar and lemon oil overnight then running through the laundry.
  18. Sanitize your garbage disposal by running a few drops mixed with baking soda through it.
  19. Add a few drops on a cotton ball and put in your vacuum cleaner, trash can or diaper pail to help eliminate odors.
  20. Add a few drops to that baking soda in your refrigerator to soak up the stink.
  21. Add a few drops to a cotton ball and store inside stinky shoes to eat odors.
  22. Remove hardened candle wax- a few drops of lemon oil will wipe away candle wax from hard surfaces and glass.
  23. Add a few drops to a clothespin and pin it to your car air vent for an instant (and super cheap!) mini-diffuser.
  24. Bathroom tip: A spray bottle of water with a few drops lemon oil (and Purification) will eliminate odors discreetly.
  25. Lemon oil + vinegar in the shower removes hard water stains and unsightly mildew. Soak shower heads for a sparkling shine.
  26. Got gum stuck somewhere?  A few drops easily releases it from carpet, hair and more. No scissors required.
  27. Lemon and peppermint oil kills garden aphids. A few drops in a spray bottle of water and bye-bye garden pests.
  28. Add a few drops to naturally derived floor, window, and surface cleaning solutions for a powerful clean without the toxic chemicals.
  29. Combine 2-3 drops with water in a spray bottle to help cleanse and sanitize surfaces.
  30. Make your own lemon hand wipes.
  31. Got a mechanic in the house? Use lemon oil to degrease hands and nails after a hard day’s work.
  32. For the DIYers- a few drops of lemon oil+coconut oil+baking soda will remove spray paint from your fingers if you accidentally overspray.
  33. Is your Christmas tree a little full? Lotta sap? Lemon oil is a Beaut, Clark!  Remove that tree sap with a few drops before you flip through a magazine.
  34. If you have any real silver lying around, buff away a slight tarnish with a bit of lemon oil and a dry cloth.
  35. Substitute a few drops Vitality lemon oil in any recipe calling for lemon juice or lemon extract. Especially good in cakes, cookies and icings!
  36. Soak cut fruit in a bowl full of water mixed with a few drops Vitality lemon oil to help maintain freshness.
  37. Feeling froggy? Put a drop of lemon Vitality in a cuppa hot water with a drizzle of honey for a soothing tea.
  38. Brighten up your salad dressings with a few drops of Vitality lemon oil. Trying to eat clean? Mix up my super easy Lemon Balsamic Vinaigrette.
  39. Another cleansing trick: drink a tall glass of ice water mixed with a few drops of Vitality lemon oil, apple cider vinegar and Stevia or honey to taste. (Bonus: Lemon oil is calorie-free!)
  40. And finally, when life hands you lemons… make sorbet?  Try these three yummy recipes from the Young Living blog featuring lemon oil.

OK, that was literally just the tip of the lemon-scented iceberg!!  There are about a gajillion ways to use lemon essential oil in your home, car and office.  I LOVE lemon oil and keep a few extra bottles on hand at all times in case my main bottle runs out.

Before we wrap up Day 1, here are a few more things you need to know about that powerful little bottle of lemon oil in your hand right now.

Oil Safety and Interactions:

  • Like ALL essential oils, keep out of reach of children so they don’t accidentally swallow it.  Call 911 immediately if this happens.
  • Keep away from eyes and mucous membranes.
  • If you are taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult a health professional prior to use.
  • Do not store above room temperature.
  • Do not use lemon oil in plastic or styrofoam containers because it will dissolve plastics since it is a very effective solvent. I don’t mind using lemon oil in plastic spray bottles for cleaning solutions to wipe down my counters or in my laundry, but I don’t use plastic+lemon oil for anything that I plan to ingest. Always glass.
  • Do not use Lemon oil on granite or stone, as it may etch the surface.
  • Because some citrus oils like Lemon can cause photosensitivity, avoid applying to exposed skin before spending time outside. Photosensitivity means that it can increase your skin’s sensitivity to sunlight, making it easily red or irritated.

Okay, guys.  This post is getting crazy long, so that is gonna wrap up Day 1 of the 14 Day Challenge!  Does that get you started? Are you excited to start using that lemon oil yet?  Oh, and did I mention that at just $11.25 for a 15 ml (big!) bottle it is one of the least expensive oils you can use, so you can go crazy with it and have fun, guilt-free? 

How do YOU like to use lemon essential oil in your house? Please share in the comments!

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to treat, diagnose or cure disease.

Be sure to come back tomorrow for Challenge Day 2: Lavender, aka the “Swiss Army Knife” of essential oils. See you then!

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  1. Heather

    I use this 14 day program. The effect is excellent, a combination of lemon and lavender gives a very good effect.

  2. loren

    Love lemon! It has soo many uses. I really like the series you are doing here too. Lavender, Frankincense and Peppermint… What a good way to start!

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