5 Essential Oils to Calm a Dog Scared of Fireworks {& Thunder}

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5 Essential Oils to Calm a Scared Dog during Fireworks or Thunder

Today is the Fourth of July which means food, fun and fireworks!  But, if you have a scaredy-cat dog like ours, this time of year can be stressful for him. At the first sign of fireworks in the distance our chocolate labrador, Woodrow, freaks out. He is extremely scared fireworks and thunder storms, too. 

Here’s a quick tip I have found to help our furry friends calm down and relax through the thunder.

Rub one drop of Peace and Calming between your hands, then pat it on the top of the dog’s ears and head, avoiding the eyes and inner ears.

Usually within just a few minutes he settles down and goes to sleep instead of freaking out.

5 Essential Oils to Calm a Dog Scared of Fireworks and Thunder
Other ways to apply:

  • Add 1 drop behind each ear to calm your pet*
  • Use an AromaGlide Roller Fitment to apply to the bottoms of paws or on the flanks.*

*Carefully apply according to the size and species of animal. General rule: Dilute with a carrier oil (V-6 oil) for smaller species.

The limits for essential oils are pretty endless, but this must-have information for pet owners!

Since Peace and Calming is often out of stock due to harvesting and supply constraints, here are some good alternatives you can try:

Peace and Calming II
Stress Away or Stress Away Roll-on

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3 Comments on “5 Essential Oils to Calm a Dog Scared of Fireworks {& Thunder}”

  1. Loretta

    I have a 3 lb. Biewer Terrier w/MVD & I would like to know which oil is best to calm her? She gets so excited when she knows she’s going w/me in the car, she pants like a racehorse following me as I am getting dressed. By the time we get to the car & tethered in her car seat she is really panting….Please help!

    Thank you

  2. Beth Bryan

    V-6 is a carrier oil sold by Young Living, but you can use any type of regular oil to dilute essential oils. Coconut oil, olive, sweet almond oil, etc.

  3. Bridgette

    I have a toy yorkie 5.7lbs. you said dilute with v-6 what is that? and where do I find.

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