Harry Potter DIY Bath and Body Potions

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Who needs some Skele-Gro Sugar Scrub, Floo Powder Bath Soak, Sleeping Draught Snoozing Serum and Poly Juice Potion Body Lotion in their life? Yesterday I published four Harry Potter inspired bath and body potions using essential oils on my main website, Unskinny Boppy.

You can even download free printable labels and recipe cards for these bath and body potions inspired by Harry Potter!

HP + YL? Yes please! Fire up your cauldrons and start brewing these for Halloween! SHARE this with someone who loves both!

Click HERE to read all about these Potterific Potions!! 
Harry Potter Advanced Potion Making Themed Recipes-1

3 Comments on “Harry Potter DIY Bath and Body Potions”

  1. Mary

    Hi, firstly I must say I love your blog! Can you please do an article on relaxation, in particular about sleep? Thanks.

  2. Jennie

    I recently purchased my starter kit a few months ago and have been getting more and more into oils. I stumbled across some old posts of yours (14 day essential oil challenge?) and loved the way you wrote about them, more so than any other blogger I’ve read (and I’ve read a lot lately!) I especially liked the history and science tid bits, and the “do right now” and easy diy suggestions…. I haven’t even finished reading them, and now I see a post about HP AND YL?! 😍 omg. <3

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