Introducing ALL NEW Products from the 2018 Convention!

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From an OTC acne treatment lustrous hair oil to a new kid’s probiotic, we have SO many new and exciting products to share with you this month!

I highlighted all of the new Savvy Mineral makeup products over in this post, so be sure to read all about those if you need new makeup.

Now let’s look at the rest of the products that were just introduced!

16-Mineral-Sunscren-SPF50 15-Maximum-Strength-Acne-Treatment-copy 9-OB-Facial-Line 10-Orange-Blossom-Facial-Cleanser 11-Charcoal-Bar-Soap 12-Orange-Blossom-Moisturizer 13-Mirah-Luminous-Cleansing-Oil1 14-Mirah-Lustrous-Hair-Oil1 8-Einkorn-Flakes-Cereal 7-Einkorn-Berries 6-MightyPro 5-Lantern-Diffuser 4-Kunzea 3-Journey-On1 2-Freedom-EO

We released so many exciting products at the 2018 International Grand Convention! It can be hard to keep track of every amazing new thing—but don’t fret! We’ve got a brief introduction to each product right here, so you can start using them in your everyday life!

Click here to see all the new products!

Which product would you like to try first?

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