Magical Ningxia Red & Kefir Smoothies

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Kefir Ningxia Smoothie

Once upon a time, I had never heard of kefir before.  If you haven’t heard of it, don’t feel bad.  It’s not exactly a household name for us normal folks just yet.

If buttermilk and yogurt got together and had a baby, it’s name would be Kefir.  It’s like a tangy drinkable yogurt made with milk and active yeast cultures.

Sounds gross, I know, but MAN is it good for your gut.
homemade kefir

A few years back I started making my own homemade kefir using rehydrated milk kefir grains from Cultures for Health. Here are my precious grains, all strained and ready to brew a new batch.

It was a fairly straightforward process- just add these grains to a few cups of whole milk and leave it sitting out on the counter until it turned into kefir.  These yeast grains keep the milk from souring and produce a ton of great probiotics that are amazing for your gut health.
homemade kefir making

Then I got pregnant and all my happy homemaking adventures flew right out the window.

My kefir grains shriveled up and died when we moved into a new house, and I haven’t gotten back in the habit of keeping homemade kefir on hand.  BUT, luckily for me, I can buy it at my grocery store now, so I don’t have to make my own!  I buy Lifeway brand kefir at Publix in a variety of flavors (all of these are my faves)

Lifeway Kefir

Whether it’s homemade or not doesn’t particularly matter, but here are the ingredients I use for my magical homemade smoothies. Smoothie ingredients

  • 1 cup kefir (any flavor)
  • 2-3 oz Ningxia Red
  • 1/2 cup frozen strawberries (optional)
  • 1/2 banana (optional)

Blend all this together in the Ninja blender and drink!  If I’m in a rush, I forget the extra fruit and just mix up the kefir and Ningxia and give it a big stir, then drink.  Those are the two most important ingredients anyway. 😉

homemade smoothie with ningxia red

So why are these magical?

Welllllll. Let’s just say that the combination of antioxidants from the Ningxia and essential oils combined with the probiotics of the kefir can do things for your body that you have never imagined.

It’s the drink of choice around here when we need an immune boost.

Stir one of these up today and see how it makes you feel!

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