The Toxin-Free Family Series, Part Four

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Toxin Free Family

So far in this series we’ve talked about TONS of ways toxins are hiding all in our homes.  Today’s topic is an interesting one for me personally.  I was always the girl who had a candle burning or an air freshener plugged into the wall somewhere. I wanted my home to smell good, and I thought those things helped.  Boy, have times changed.

No joke, you guys.  Since I started using 100% pure essential oils in diffusers around my house, I can no longer stand the smell of any type of chemical fragrance.  It is SO offensive to my nose now.  It’s like my whole olfactory system got an overhaul when YLEOs came into my life, and I can sniff out a fake fragrance from a mile away.  They give me a serious headache now, and they never did that before.  It’s so strange, but it’s true!  I feel like my body just rejects the chemicals hidden inside air fresheners and scented candles after it was trained to enjoy aromatherapy from essential oils.


I have about 5 diffuser running at any given time of day around my home.  Both of my kids have them in their bedrooms and they are in our main living areas also.  This natural option for a wonderfully scented home is the only way I will roll from now on.


My favorite diffuser is the Aria, but the Rainstone is a close second!  Did you know the Rainstone Diffuser will run for 8 hours continuously??  That’s awesome! What’s your favorite scent to diffuse?  Here are a few of mine.

See you back here tomorrow for more information about living a toxin-free lifestyle!

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