Name: Stacey Cole & Scott Miller
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Hello! My name is Stacey, and I am a Christian homeschooling stay-at-home-mom of 5, who's spent 23 years happily married to the perfect man for me, and an advocate of using Young Living's therapeutic grade essential oils. There are many things that make me who I am, but these are the ones that I believe God has consistently put me in the position to share with others, and those are definitely the ones that make me feel closest to Him. I'm not perfect at anything, but I love to share our experiences and what we've learned along the way with others, and it is always my prayer that others will be blessed in that as well. Young Living Essential Oils are a big part of our journey. There are 180 different scriptural references to oils in the Bible, and we personally have used them to replace all OTC meds and toxic household chemicals, which I believe to be a wonderful testimony to The Creator. I'm so happy that you've found my site; please, ask any questions that you may have, and, of course, feel free to look around and read about these amazing products for yourself, and order any that you think will benefit and bless you and your family. Thanks for allowing me to share. Disclaimer: This content is not purposed to replace professional medical diagnosis, treatment, or advice. Information obtained from Blessed2bAnointed should never cause you to disregard or delay seeking advice or treatment about a medical condition from a medical or healthcare provider. Use of any information from the content of this page is solely at your own discretion.

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