Comparing Young Living Personal Websites


Comparing YL Personal Websites for Your Business I know this blog title might have made you think that you would find a big chart showing all of the features of various 3rd party Young Living websites (like the very outdated 2015 chart that I still see still floating around), but that is not what I’m doing today. Choices, Choices, Choices … Read More

Should You Use Stripe for Your Online Business?

When we were creating and building our small online business in November of 2014 we had the choice to start accepting payments using PayPal or Stripe. We researched Stripe first and decided that their API and integration methods fit our business needs and were very easy to use, we were very excited to use Stripe as a small new startup! … Read More

Social Media Marketing Mistakes


Avoid This Mistake and Get More Sign-Ups Posting about Young Living Essential Oil products or things about the company to social media can be your best friend or your worst enemy.  Here is why it is crucial that you NEVER post a graphic, anything about oils or Young Living to your Facebook (or other social sites) without a link back … Read More

Options & Features YLDist Offers You


Your Young Living Website Features Let’s talk features and options.  Maybe you’re looking at us or maybe you’re already a customer and don’t know all the awesome features we are bringing you now. Here is a list of current features, but keep in mind that we listen to our customers’ needs and we are always improving & offering you … Read More

Landing Page? Yep, YLDist Has It


 Yes, Your Website Comes With a Landing Page All of’s replicated Young Living websites come with a landing page that can be used right away, without doing anything – because it is simply an extension off of your main URL. A lot of folks like to use this page as a quick introduction and a first step for their … Read More

Periodic Promotions Option


The YL PV monthly promotions have been added to all websites! A banner has been created to promote this on your home page and you get to control whether or not you display the banner!  We update the promotions section each month within the first 3 days and we also put other promotions in that area as we become aware … Read More

September Blogger Spotlight


This month, along with showcasing a few of our YLDist bloggers, we thought we’d give some of you who are new to blogging for your Young Living websites some pro tips as well! First up – our bloggers: Tamara Frost – Welcome to Better Living – Tamara puts a lot of love into her blog. You’ll see many frequent, organic, well written posts … Read More

YLDist Releases Unlimited Customization!


HUGE changes happening to your YLDist Young Living websites. This is by far our our largest and most invaluable update yet. We have spent the last six months taking in all of your recommendations and did our best to bring to you a site that is easy to use while offering you the ability to change multiple design elements to … Read More

Australian Version Release

Today is a big day for our friends down under! You asked for it and we are super excited & proud to announce the official release of the Australian version of YLDist’s Young Living Independent Distributor website! Our Australian version is still in BETA (meaning we are still testing different features)  but don’t worry because we will be here to quickly … Read More

Blogger Spotlight


Hi everyone! We wanted share with you a few of our YLDist customers who are utilizing their blogs in exceptional ways. If you’ve been putting off blogging because you just don’t know where to start, hopefully this will give you some inspirational ideas to help you move forward. Kayla Howard – We love how Kayla used an audio clip to … Read More