Should You Use Young Living’s Official Blog for your Blog Posts?


Should you use Young Living’s official blog for your own blog posts? This is a question we receive periodically and I can understand why. Young Living’s blog is informative and fun.  In this short article, I’m going to explain a few things so it makes better sense why we don’t offer this integration.   Designed to Convert a Curious Prospect into a … Read More

Chat Instantly with Your Website Visitors


Now We Can Add Your Facebook Messenger to your Website Imagine being able to chat instantly with your website visitors! If you have a Facebook Business Page for your Young Living business, we are now able to put a button for your website visitors to chat instantly with you from your website, via FB instant messenger! If you don’t have … Read More

Thieves PSK Pre-Written Email Sequence Released

Thieves for series 2 Compressed

As always, we are never stagnant when it comes to your website or tools! Today we are proud to announce that for those of you who use the Email Marketing system (that comes with your YLDist website) you now have another PSK email sequence to use! Today we have added the THIEVES PREMIUM STARTER kit email sequence (for USA customers) to your marketing … Read More

YLDist in the News!

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Recently a story about was running in over 600 news outlets, including big names like FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS. We are super proud to share it with you here. Below is a screenshot of one of them, since linking to them will not be good later as news stories & press releases get bumped after a length of time. … Read More

Website Updates – May 1, 2018


May 1, 2018 We have decided to try to put an update on our blog as well as sending out an email to all our website owners. We are hoping to reach more of you, since some of you are not in our Facebook group (, where we always announce our updates.  The other drawback is many of you … Read More

What Makes Our Marketing Sites More Effective?


Marketing Websites are Not Created Equally Believe me when I tell you that websites are not created equal, not by a long shot! Nowadays, nearly anyone can slap a website online in a few days, or even a few hours. A highly alluring sales page showing you that a lot of bells & whistles go with it. The site designer … Read More

Look at These Customizations!


      Below you will be able to see over 30 different screenshots of customer customizations! Customizing your site is only one way you can be super unique with a YLDist Young Living personal website. We’ve compiled a lot of screenshots of some of our site owners customizations that I thought others would like to see. There are literally thousands of … Read More

How to Never Miss a Communication from Your Website!


This is a less understood subject, but one that I hope to address in a way to allows everyone to realize the vital importance of taking proactive steps to ensure no email ever goes to the spam folder from YLDist. Nothing can be more frustrating than missing important emails because they go to your spam folder! So, this could be very … Read More

Using Your Own Domain Name – Watch Out for This


I’m about to talk about advanced information that is not necessary for you to know in order to have a website with YLDist. If right now you’re wondering what a private domain name is, then this information probably won’t apply to you. Of course, there could be someone in your business team encouraging you to have a private domain name … Read More

Lead Capture & Email Marketing System Built-In

Concept of direct digital marketing, e-mail advertising communication, newsletter promotion campaign. Flat design style modern vector illustration concept. Isolated on stylish background.

A Complete Website Marketing Game Changer! now offers a stunning LEAD CAPTURE along with a very high-quality PRE-WRITTEN Email Drip Marketing & PRE-WRITTEN (twice-monthly) Newsletter System! This is ALL INCLUDED in your website at NO additional cost for unlimited contacts.    Frequently asked questions and answers are at the bottom. WHAT IS INCLUDED? This is a robust EMAIL MARKETING feature … Read More