Eating Healthy


A new year has begun and all I see around me is exercise, eat healthy and get organized.  For me I went off the eating healthy around July of last year and so need to get back in to it.  I have twins that are 8 years old and we do eat pretty healthy however I was eating cookies, candy and lots of sugar items over the last six months.

Having my 8 year old son tell me items that have sugar in them was not being helpful.  I knew I was eating bad but having him remind me constantly was reminding me of how we didn’t eat this stuff and he knew it.

So it begins….eating healthy in 2017.  Now that company is gone, holidays are past I am determined to eat healthy.  One thing I read was my lack of energy and thyroid could all be caused by my eating habits.  Some of you may be saying – duh and others may be wondering what I plan to change.  Big thing is to cut out soy (isn’t good at all – no matter what kind of soy it is GMO or NON-GMO for my thyroid) and eating more polyphenols (strawberries, blackberries, citrus fruits, blueberries).

I am also working on reducing my cholesterol.  One of the links to high blood pressure is your thyroid.  So I am adding one drop of Lemongrass Young Living Essential Oils to my shot of Ningxia Red daily.  Started this in September and by October blood work the bad cholesterol was going down.  I am looking forward to my results this coming week to see where I am at now.

When my thyroid is working properly I have more energy and don’t feel like just sitting around all day.  Stay tuned for my weekly updates on how I am doing and where I am.

Currently I am at 139 pounds and have excess weight in my stomach and hips/thighs.  Next week I will take measurements and also layout my entire regimen of healthy eating and using my Young Living Oils to help me get me to my goal.  I want to be between 120 and 125 pounds by end of December and have a strategy of keeping it there with living a naturally healthy life!!

Hugs to all for a great 2017!!