Thieves For the Win!

Carolyn PrinsChemical Free, cleaning, Essential Oils, Toxin Free

As I was cleaning my house this morning I had the thought “I should look in the microwave downstairs and see what I find in there”. Have you ever had one of those moments? You know you should look but you are a little fearful of what you might find. My thoughts were that I would find a rather dirty … Read More

Smoky Hot Summer

Carolyn PrinsEssential Oils, exercise

After having the wettest spring in many years, we are having a very hot summer. Now, I love a hot summer and I have been enjoying being outside even when it’s hot. I have started taking a short ten minute walk after every meal partly because I can but also because it is supposed to be good for you. My son … Read More

Life Goes On

Carolyn PrinsFamily

Sometimes life takes a turn that you weren’t expecting. Good and bad together. Joyful and sad mingling so close. Life and death both in the same week. But, then life goes on and we find ourselves discovering a new normal. February had a week like that for us. We had the joy of welcoming a new grandson into the family. … Read More

Fun Memories From Christmas

Carolyn PrinsChristmas, Family

As my six year old grandson said when he was sleeping over on Christmas night, “Nana, I can’t believe Christmas is already over”.  I feel the same way, it takes so long looking forward to Christmas and all of a sudden it is over. The leftovers are all eaten and the decorations are all put away for another year, but … Read More

What was I thinking?

Carolyn PrinsBike ride, Essential Oils, exercise, Wintergreen

Saturday started out as a nice slow day. I had time to exercise, so I did a hill climb on the tread mill and then a small leg work out. There was no pressure to hurry so I took my time and enjoyed my workout. We had been away so I hadn’t exercised much for a little while. After lunch … Read More


Carolyn PrinsChemical Free, cleaning, Essential Oils, Toxin Free, Young Living

We have so many choices in our lives these days. One of my choices is to get myself and my home free of toxins and chemicals. Many cleaners, soaps, hair products etc. are filled with harmful chemicals. Even some of the food we eat is processed with chemicals. I was recently at a class that described some of these chemicals … Read More

Spring Cleaning

Carolyn Prinscleaning, Essential Oils

I am so thankful for Young Living Thieves Household Cleaner. This morning I found a moldy lemon in my fridge. So, I cleaned out the drawer in the fridge that held the nasty lemon. But then the rest of the fridge didn’t look as clean as the drawer I just cleaned so I cleaned the whole fridge. Then the stove … Read More

A bit about me and my journey with essential oils

Carolyn PrinsEssential Oils

Hi my name is Carolyn and I’m excited to share my experiences with Young Living Essential Oils and my journey with the company as an Independent Distributor. Who am I? I am a wife, a Mom of three married kids and Nana to two amazing grandsons.  My husband and I used to own a bakery but a number of years … Read More