Fun Memories From Christmas

Carolyn PrinsChristmas, Family

As my six year old grandson said when he was sleeping over on Christmas night, “Nana, I can’t believe Christmas is already over”.  I feel the same way, it takes so long looking forward to Christmas and all of a sudden it is over. The leftovers are all eaten and the decorations are all put away for another year, but we had lots of fun and some good memories that will last for a long time.

It all starts in early December at our house. We have our own version of the Dutch Sinterklaas. A number of years ago my son-in-law was mentioning that he would like some new traditions with his kids and that is how this tradition started. The kids and grandkids come over for dinner and decorate the house. I wouldn’t say the house would win any contests for being the most elegant or exquisitely decorated, but it is all done with a lot of love, fun and laughter. When my oldest grandson first comes in the door he runs to his stocking to see what is in it. His younger brother had to catch up a bit because he was too young to remember last year. It didn’t take long for him to realize he had a stocking too.

Christmas Eve wouldn’t be the same without going to church. We were at one service with kids and grandkids and then we helped at two more services because my husband works at the church. It was a fun day.

With a nurse in the family we weren’t sure what day we would be celebrating Christmas as a family but things worked out and we were together on Christmas Day. It starts with lunch and then presents. So much excitement with the grandsons around…….what am I saying, everyone was excited and having fun!

The big boys were the first to play with the little boys new toys. It’s so fun to watch everyone put away work and the stresses of life and just have some good fun together.IMG_2843

Dad was doing well enough that we could bring him to our house for dinner on Christmas Day. He was determined that he could do it. So, we packed up the wheelchair and everything else that comes with him and brought him to our house. After all, it was Christmas and it is important to us to have family together and we all enjoyed him being there.

It was a good year and we are very blessed. We are already looking forward to next Christmas especially with the anticipated arrival of a new little addition to our family who is due in early February. Oh, I can’t wait!