A Common Misconception
As a Wholesale member of Young Living, you're not expected to sell anything at all. Being a Wholesale Member only means that you're purchasing the oils at a 24% discounted rate.

When you consider becoming a Young Living Wholesale member, understand that there are no other obligations, no minimum purchases, no membership fees, you're never required to sell anything, just enjoy the member benefits of purchasing all your future products at 24% off retail pricing.

Your Young Living Wholesale membership grants you a few things:

  • Save 24% on every Young Living purchase.
  • Save even more with Essential Rewards, up to 20% more.
  • Earn free products with monthly promotions.
  • No monthly obligations or membership fees.

Becoming a Wholesale member is done through purchasing a 'starter kit'. The starter kit is designed to get you started on your path of a healthier life - Learn More About The Starter Kit. This kit ends up saving you a lot of money to get started and you'll find that you'll use all of these oils every day.

The term 'Distributor' does not mean you're required to sell anything, ever. It is simply the name of the Wholesale membership plan.

When you consider becoming a Young Living member, it's important to understand that you're under no obligation to sell anything. The membership offered by Young Living is there to give you two simple things:

  • An affordable package to get started with oils.
  • Tools to share your experience with friends.

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