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Your heart races when you feel excited, slows when you relax, and beats steady and strong when you feel safe and loved. It’s your constant companion and the drumbeat to your life. Did you know that if you live to be 100 years old, your heart will have beaten about 3,786,978,960 times? That’s nearly 4 billion heartbeats! Obviously, your heart works … Read More

DIY Thieves Cleaning Fizzies

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I am so excited to try this! Found it on the Young Living Blog. They have great recipes for holistic living! Here’s the down-lo…   Certain chores around the house are less than desirable. For you, maybe it’s taking out the garbage or cleaning out the fridge, but we can all agree that cleaning the toilet isn’t something to look … Read More


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EATING YOUR OILS! So, I’m wondering what to eat for dinner….want it to be healthy.  And fast. And warm.  I look in my cabinet and see my Young Living Einkorn Spaghetti.  Yeah.  And it has a really easy sauce recipe on the back.  And what’s the best part?  I get to use my oregano and basil oils in my sauce! … Read More