Cheri HesterDigestive Issues


Hey, guys!  So, I just got back from a fabulous and wonderful trip to NYC and I’m re-energized and ready to roll!  I went there with my husband and two of our best friends because my husband goes every 6 months to Sloan-Kettering just to make sure all is well.   And it was!  But, of course, while there, we had to play a little!  And for me that means seeing as many shows as are humanly possible and eating in yummy restaurants!

While we were there, my husband decides to put on some Digize before we go out onto the NYC streets.  Well, a woman knocks at our door as he was leaving to see if she can clean the room.  As she walks in she says, “What is that SMELL???”  My husband, used to these kind of questions says, “Oh, that’s an essential oil blend called Digize.  Do you like it?”  “Yes!” she says, “I love it!”  Lesson learned.  Give my husband some of my business cards.

When we get back to Savannah, I go to visit my parents in the nursing facility.  As I’m standing there talking to my dad, a CNA walks in holding one of my Premium Starter Kit flyers in her hands.  I said, ” Hey, there!  What do you have there?”  She said, ” Well, I came in here earlier and my stomach was killing me.  Has been like this on and off for about 6 months. Your aide here reached into the drawer and pulled out some oils and told me to put some in my water and drink it and also, to rub it on my stomach.” (you guessed it…..Digize!) “Well”, she continued, “as soon as I left the room, I had to go to the bathroom!  And do you know, my stomach feels so much better?  Better than it has in 6 months! What is this stuff and how can I get some?!!”  Thank goodness my aide had my business cards and flyers in the room with her!!!

DIGIZE. The oil of the week!  I love being able to help people and make their days a little brighter by using/sharing these oils!  Young Living, I love you!!!

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