Stay Healthy: Learn The Pendulum of Health

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The Pendulum of Health Explanation of  Acid-Alkaline Balance Copyright by Christine M. Anderson I’ve lectured this all over the United States in health classes, giving the presentation for over 30 years and when few books were written upon the subject. Pretend our bodies are similar to a Fulcrum Pendulum.   If you lift the pendulum on the left side 45 degrees … Read More

Here is my Cancer Story. Dr. Dan Purser, MD discovered what has been causing them. That is for another blog!

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I Survived 3 Lymphoma Cancers- 3 Breast Cancers- Brain Cancer and Thyroid Grave’s Disease   ­My Story Christine M Anderson   Copyright-You may copy this story in its entirety only  Family History of Cancer In 1986 I had lymphoma cancer.   I chose to be in control of my destiny with healing it.    My beautiful mother had breast cancer … Read More

Thanksgiving FIRST….What to serve?!

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I love Thanksgiving! 20 people are coming so far for dinner! I plan on serving a pumpkin pie made with Monk Sugar (got the recipe and sample at Cosco last year) And I will put a 1/2 drop (what is that? a swish of your tooth pick in the oil!!! The oils are THAT concentrated!!) of ginger, clove and nutmeg … Read More

Severe Depression Caused by MTHFR

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I learned after tests given to me, that I have MTHFR. Okay. So what is that? It is a chromosome breakage where my particular characteristics state I am cancer prone, do not digest things well, have depression and am missing some vital vitamin assimilation. My discovery: The other day I changed my probiotics and prebiotics I was taking for the … Read More

What is lemongrass oil all about? It is a natural immune boosting oil for everyone!

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It is so frustrating not to be able to share what these oils really can do. If we make a medical claim then the FDA wants to regulate them. So without further ado, let me introduce you to medical science on Lemongrass: Well, there are 467 medical researches on about lemongrass, where we, the public, now are … Read More