Here is my Cancer Story. Dr. Dan Purser, MD discovered what has been causing them. That is for another blog!

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I Survived 3 Lymphoma Cancers-

3 Breast Cancers- Brain Cancer

and Thyroid Grave’s Disease


­My Story

Christine M Anderson


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 Family History of Cancer

In 1986 I had lymphoma cancer.   I chose to be in control of my destiny with healing it.    My beautiful mother had breast cancer that had metastasized.  The day she died, almost every part of her body was ravaged by the disease.   Her throat, stomach, liver, and colon were all consumed by cancer.  The doctors told me that her death would be so painful they promised to get her on heroin instead of morphine. (They didn’t)   I have a vivid memory of her death and the excruciating dying process she had to go through.   Many of my cousins, my aunt and uncles, have died of cancer.      Chemotherapy has not cured one of my family members!  Yes, science has improved the odds, but what is causing cancer?  My family had been burned with Chemo and radiation.  It was not a quality life. I watched how their immune systems were destroyed.  They came down with different viruses as they fought to stay alive.  So I wanted to do it naturally.  We didn’t know the things we know today, so I began to seek truth where ever I could find it. When the student is ready, the teacher appears!    I am still learning discipline to correct health principles.  I don’t think it ever ends discovering truth.

Alkaline DIET

Our American diets create an over acidic condition in our blood.  Meat, sugar, white flour, cheese, ice cream are just a few of the foods that create this over acidification of the blood and tissues, which systemically poison and destroy the cells of the body.  My goal was to get rid of the acidity in my blood.    I read everything I could about this!  I learned that yeast, fungus, bacteria, mold and viruses can only survive in an acid base but cannot survive in an alkaline base.    I realized that everything I had eaten was causing this acid blood.   I knew that if I were to heal, I would give my body everything positive to heal it with.   If I gave my body the right power principles of nutrition and cleansing, I might have a fighting chance to heal myself.

I went on a regimen of herbs and vitamins.  I drank a lot of wheat grass juice to get my body into an alkaline state. It took me eight months to dissolve the tumors and get into remission.   For 10 years I had enjoyed fabulous health, rarely, ever being sick.


Cancer came back stronger

I became relaxed in my thinking and started again to eat poorly.   The American sizzle to make a pizza look fabulous and ice creams look so wonderful was too much for me.  I started to eat red meat.  In fact, I went on a high protein diet to lose weight in August 1999.   When you have had cancer, you just can’t take shortcuts.  (I knew better. I truly did.)   Within one month of dieting, I noticed the tumors came back.   I had nine this time vs. the three before!  I knew what I had done.  (“Been there! Done that!” syndrome) I went to the doctors and had the blood work done.    My cancer was out of remission and the free radicals were raging.   I had a severely damaged liver and a strong virus in my spine.  The pain was terrible.   I thought for sure that the cancer had gone into my bones.   I was so mad at myself to have allowed this.    I felt like a toxic waste dump as I thought of all the years I used chemicals in our cleaning business that we owned.  Muriatic acid and I were good friends!   I thought nothing of using straight ammonia or lacquer thinners without rubber gloves on for cleaning.

I felt this time I had run out of bargaining time.   If I were to get well, I knew that I had to make a total life style shift to correct principles, with no cheating.   And that is hard to do when you are the mother of 5 kids and have to fix them dinner.

Young Living:  My Care to Wellness

       I have been a distributor in Young Living Essential Oils.   I had an understanding that oils were powerful healing medicines.  Oils oxygenate the blood and cancer cannot live in an oxygen environment.   I had read in the PDR reference guide, how a Dr. Terry Friedman, M.D. had taken 10 cancer patients and gotten them into remission with oils and supplements.  I also knew that Gary D Young, owner of Young Living, had a successful clinic using essential oils in strengthening patients who wanted to the heal with more natural supporting elements from  nature.  And I knew that again, I would not choose chemotherapy or radiation.

I set out to do everything as suggested in the manual.   I erased the protocol.   FDA rules.   Yet they can prescribe their drugs that kill or hurt another part of  our body systems!

t     Usually the pain in my back was a level eight.  Only one time the pain was so bad it took five minutes to calm me down.  Pan Away was remarkable for pain.   I also implanted that rectally. How much?  I started with 6 drops and waited.  If that wasn’t enough, I would add more depending on the pain intensity.

There were times that I would panic.   I was so afraid the cancer was in the bone.  More tests!  No, the cancer had not advanced there.   During the panic attacks I put Roman Chamomile all over my chest and had my husband put Peace and Calming down my spine.   Usually within three minutes I was able to sleep like a baby for about four hours until the pain began to climb again.

One  Month and Cancer  Was  in  Remission

       I was excited as I watched the tumors disappear. Blood work was done at the first of October, four  weeks after being first diagnosed.  The results of the test told me the cancer was in remission!   The doctor said, “Why, your blood work astounds me!  How could this be?!  It looks quite good.   But the virus that is attacking your spine is still there.”

I wanted to stand on the highest mountain and tell the world!  I wanted to go on national TV and talk to all the cancer victims.  I wanted to give them hope that there are alternative ways to heal.  (I know this, if cancer victims knew what I know now about essential oils, there would not be one drop left for anyone else on this planet to use.)

I shifted my focus to the viral oils like Oregano, Basil and Thyme to take care of the virus in my spine.   I sometimes think the virus was more of a challenge to me than the cancer! The pain in my spine would just grab me.  The only way I was able to deal with the heightened pain level was to use the Raindrop Technique along with the PanAway oil.

You’d  Think  I’d  Learn  After  Two Attacks  of Cancer

After being given another chance, you would think I could keep my resolve.   But Christmas came and so did the treats.  I started with one cookie, then two.  Then the candy came.  (Homemade chocolates no less!  I didn’t eat but a few pieces….`Ha! Lie!)   Then I served turkey for Christmas day.  How could one bite hurt?  (But it tasted so good and it was Christmas!)   I indulged.   Well, within a week, I had developed a tumor on my wrist and a one in my hip joint.    Now I had to decide.  Did I want to go through this whole thing again and find that time had run out or was I going to make a total life change?  I had no choice!  I made the commitment to change forever! (It has been a constant battle of learning to eat right)

Many  Would  Argue  That  What  I  Did  Was  Just Chance

The skeptics are always out there.    But how can Dr. Friedman, who is a medical doctor, have had such success with so many people?   And what about  Gary Young, who has had many successes with cancer patients?  The FDA will not allow us to share testimonials unless they are ours.  Well this is mine!  I am alive today and the ONLY things I did, the ONLY supplementation and oils, were from Young Living Essential Oils.  I used them for I trusted the quality and purity of their products.    You may draw your own conclusion.  I know that my body felt the healing powers of these products and to my last days on this earth, I will shout from the roof tops my story.   I want cancer patients to have a fighting chance and options!

Oils are 80 times stronger than herbs.  Isn’t it interesting that I was able to go in remission the second time in 1/8th the time it took me the first time, when I only used herbs?       And I was three times as sick!

  Each person must choose their own path to heal.  There are times when the medical profession should be involved.    I appreciate doctors and am grateful for modern medicine.  I believe with an alkaline diet and these oils, I created life again within myself.   I am thankful to God and I am thankful to  Gary D. Young for being a determined man to bring these oils and his knowledge and research to the forefront.   There are over 350 scientific studies on essential oils on PubMed. Dr. H,K Lin, at the University of Oklahoma is studying the effects of Frankincense and cancer.    I strongly recommend you obtaining THE RAVE DIET by the Cleveland Clinic doctors   It is a DVD, full of knowledge for healing cancer with a correct diet.  Also THE CANCER STUDY by Campbell.


Who would you believe me?   It is now April 2013.    I got very sick and it wasn’t cancer.  I fought it naturally for so long before I would go see a doctor. (Doctors are really wonderful!  And we should use them!)  I learned I had Grave’s Disease and MTHFR and HYPOGLYCEMIA.    (crazy, huh.  I was on sick puppy) I knew what I had done and what caused my illness. (toothpaste and nose sprays over the years before Young Living.  Fluoride and bromines)  The Grave’s Disease  progressed.   I waited too long until tumors developed. I learned that the lack of iodine can cause in some incidences, breast cancer.   The rest of my story is that since writing this paper on the lymphoma cancer, I had developed later breast cancer and brain cancer, then the thyroid tumors.  I’ve been cancer free for 7 years.  I have gotten myself into remission each time (by the mercy of God) with diet and oils and pure glyco-nutrients.  I am becoming more strict with myself.    I do not recommend oils when a person has started chemo.    The oils are so strong they pull the chemo out of their cells and overload their liver.  It is too much toxins to deal with.  I suggest they wait a good 6 months before they use the oils after chemo.

An alkaline diet is VITAL. No sugar of any kind.  No grains that convert to sugar.  No fruit of any kind except lemons and limes.   You can measure that with paper strips from Micro Essentials out of Brooklyn, NY PHyrion papers 4.5-8.  (Salvia testing) God bless your path!!     There are some cancers that are so aggressive that you have to use chemo.   If you have  time before you start such a treatment, try aggressively doing a natural path  before the chemo.  Then measure the tumor.  If it is decreasing or NOT GROWING that is a great sign that you are on the right track.  Keep going!  The body takes time to dissolve tumors.  I had a 12 cm breast tumor and it took 4 months to dissolve it.   The brain tumor was the most frightening of all.   It was the size of  a ping pong ball and so painful.   But I did it!   With oils and diet and faith in God!

This is not meant to treat your health challenges.  Work with your doctor or  naturopath or medical professional.

Get help immediately and make a plan.  Measure your progress….this is your life!  Obtain:  The Rave Diet dvd.  Check out Dr. Lorraine Day, MD at  Get The China Study by Campbell.  There aren’t four or five alternatives.   People are screaming for alternative care to chemo and radiation.  Now we have thousands of alternatives to learn about.  Study thoroughly.  Be in control of you health, your life.   READ the side effects to drugs.    Learn!    There is alternative care knocking at your door.   Since this article was written, it is now 2019.   I am cancer free and I learned after years of suffering , with blood pressure of 220/180 at times, that I am highly allergic to foods.   If I eat raw vegetables and stay in this food group, I am alright.  I feel great.     I want to tell you all about it.  I can.   But the problem is, if I tell you what I did, that is diagnosing and prescribing.    May you know that I am alive and well and growing stronger every day!    Now that I know what was causing the cancers, life has been a breeze of a trip.   Remember, oils are 80 times stronger than herbs and have a frequency (later blogs) that raise your body energy up so it has the energy to fight the health challenges.   This is MY story.  It is not to diagnose or treat your cancer.    I was told I would be allowed to share it.   My only desire is to give you hope that you can do this but remember, I had medical doctors (stunned) that were by me all the way.      One later called me and said, “Dr. Chris!   This is Dr. S.   My PSA is 900.  What shall I do to bring it down?”    wow.    I told him and in 9 days his PSA was down to 200.   I told him I would send him my consulting bill!  lol.