Immune System Fighting the Office Coughs and Horrible Flem Everyone Snorts Around ya!

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Let me begin by telling you I have not had a cold or flu or sore throat in years… I knock on wood that holds my Young Living Essential Oils!    I douse myself in oils-the treat of my day!

First and foremost Thieves Oil in Young Living is a must to have!    Oregano and Thyme, too.   Lemon oil to help stabilize alkaline blood.     I was reading in the Internet about the side effects to cough syrup!!!  We have MYRTLE OIL that you rub in at the base of your toes.  It stops a cough quickly while nourishing your lungs with peace!

NO bad side effects with our essential oils,  but good, upward lifts of energy and support for our immune system.

A Sinus headache from that employee who passed along her germs to you?   Here is a recipe that aids with that:

5 drops Melaleuca ericifolia

9 drops rosemary cineol

2 drops bergamot

7 drops lavender

3 drops lemon

4 drops geranium

Mix together and inhale as needed.  Also, diffusing oils in the work place is wonderful if everyone agrees to the scent.

I had a school teacher call me from Duchesne School District in Utah.   She had 6 or 7 Downe Syndrome children who constantly were hugging and playing together.  They all were sick most of the time.   She even had the parents come in and wash their desks and spray disinfectants of their choice on each desk.   It didn’t work.   She heard about Young Living oils and called me.  I donated the diffuser and Thieves oil.  Within a short period of time, no more colds or illness.      The school board was so pleased with it they bought a second diffuser and all the Thieves oil she needed.