Stay Healthy: Learn The Pendulum of Health

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The Pendulum of Health

Explanation of  Acid-Alkaline Balance

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I’ve lectured this all over the United States in health classes, giving the presentation for over 30 years and when few books were written upon the subject.

Pretend our bodies are similar to a Fulcrum Pendulum.   If you lift the pendulum on the left side 45 degrees and let it go, it will sway to the right side, 45 degrees.   This is called Energy in Motion.  Again, if you lift the pendulum up 60 degrees it will sway to the other side 60 degrees.     Just as a pendulum is energy in motion, our bodies are similar in design.   The body wants to complete the energy it creates and it also wants to remain in balance.

What if a janitor of a science museum that has a Fulcrum Pendulum, decides it would be fun to stop the swing of the pendulum!?  If that energy is interrupted in completing its purpose of movement, it will start to shake, quivering because it was thrown out of balance.

Let’s equate that with our body systems.   Take the illustration on the back side of this sheet.   It represents the food chain that our bodies need to fulfill its energy cycles for optimum health. On the right side, we have complete protein through animal products.    Next to complete protein, we can get protein from plant sources such as nuts, beans or legumes.  Legumes must be accompanied with grains to make it a complete protein.    To the left of the vegetable proteins, moving towards the CENTER, are vegetables.    These are specific vegetables called calciferous vegetables.   (Arugula, Bok Choy, Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Chinese cabbage, Collard greens, Daikon, Kale, Kohlrabi, Mustard greens, Radishes, Rutabaga, Turnips, and Watercress, Wheatgrass)   To most children, these are the boring vegetables, the “yucky” ones!   To the left of the calciferous vegetables are the sweet and popular ones!    They are the ones our children and society predominantly eat:   potatoes (French fries!), corn, beets, peas, carrots.   Next to the sweet vegetables on the food chain are fruits.   To the far left or the outside of the pendulum, is straight sugar!  (But notice center stage, in the middle of the pendulum chart, are calciferous, dark green vegetables.)

Here’s the Secret!   The force to bring you into health or the force to kick you out of health, depends on this principle of eating acid or alkaline forming foods!  When you want balance, eat the foods on the inside of the triangle, between the black dots of the pendulum chart.  This creates alkaline blood.   But if you want kicked out of health balance, eat on the parameter of the food chain!  When we eat on the parameter of the food chain, the body must swing to its counter part, to bring it back into balance.   If you eat a Big Mac with two meat patties, by law, the body needs a coke and French fries (or something sweet) to BRING IT BACK INTO BALANCE!   If you eat 4 Oreo Cookies, what do you crave?   Milk!!!   That is the body trying to seek balance!    If you eat a huge Thanksgiving dinner with lots of turkey, by law, it craves sugar to bring it back into balance.    Thus, when we eat in the parameter of the food chain, acid blood is created in us.   Acid blood creates disease.   Alkaline blood keeps the body in balance.   Notice what is IN the pendulum of our food chain on this chart!  It is the natural foods that our Creator made for us.  You can loose cravings by moving into the middle of the food chain.

Eskimos live in a severe climate.  Thus they require more meat.  Hawaiians did better on fruits and nuts for their climate was hot, but invaders on the islands, introduced meat to them.   And they gained weight and became less healthy!   In more temperate climates, there is a pattern also for us to learn from.   In the Fall when it starts to get colder, squash is harvested.  But in the hot summer months, the water plants come on like zucchini and watermelon.  This is a time for the body to de-toxify itself from environmental chemicals and wrong foods.  In the spring, more flushing, de-toxing fruits come on such as raspberries and strawberries.

Many new discoveries are being made my people who have tried and proven this theory.   And many doctors and scientists are seeing results also.  When you keep your food intake in the middle of this pendulum, it helps create an alkaline blood state pH of 7.6.  You can be healthy and well by staying in the middle!   When you are sick, if you move further into calciferous vegetables (the darker the better) the blood will go more alkaline, helping your immune system to overcome its health challenges.  Move away from sugar and meat to stay healthy!     Check out The Rave Diet from the Cleveland Clinic for even more data on this subject, and The China Study by Campbell and Acid Alkaline Balance by Rudolph Wiley.

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