Thanksgiving FIRST….What to serve?!

Chris Anderson, Platinum LeaderUncategorized

I love Thanksgiving! 20 people are coming so far for dinner! I plan on serving a pumpkin pie made with Monk Sugar (got the recipe and sample at Cosco last year) And I will put a 1/2 drop (what is that? a swish of your tooth pick in the oil!!! The oils are THAT concentrated!!) of ginger, clove and nutmeg for TWO pies, NOT ONE!!

I thought I understood STRENGTH 25 years ago and made spaghetti sauce.  I put 4 drops of oregano and 4 drops of basil into the sauce.

Oh my!     It was so strong it literally took my throat away!   (Seriously!)

I went to the store and bought 4 large cans of tomato paste, 8 large cans of tomato sauce to stretch the recipe.  Now I had about 6 gallons of sauce.  Maybe I could donate it to a soup kitchen in the community?!  I then thought I would have meal after meal in the freezer for a free night of dining spaghetti, lasagna and everything Italian!

Oh my. I learned the power of oils then! It barely reduced the strong taste of the oils. Then I thought, when I open a frozen sauce that I will freeze, I will just add a little more tomatoes.

We threw it out at my husbands insistence! End of Story!

Moral of story?